Creating a herb aspergillum.

Within ritual, there is usually a great deal of splashing water about during the consecration of sacred space, ritual tools or other items used during or for magick. While one’s fingers are useful, an aspergillum adds an extra ‘something’ and is easy to prepare pre-ritual.

To make this aspergillum, I chose three sprigs of Rosemary but any herb would do, including a mixture of several if wished, depending on the ritual – but make sure at least one is woody as this will help create a firm handle. Of course, as this is a magickal tool, harvest the herb/s used accordingly. You will also need some string, cord or wool and a pair of scissors.

Sprigs of Rosemary.

So take the sprigs of Rosemary and remove a few of the leaves from the stalk to form the basis of the handle. Put the sprigs together and begin.

Take the string cord or wool.

I’ve used red as it’s the colour of magick, but again you could use what ever you wish, as long as it’s natural and not man made, for obvious reasons.

Before beginning to ‘wip’ the handle lay the strand of wool so as there is a tail and a loop – with the loop at the end of the sprigs, the tail at the leafy end; this will become apparent later on.

The whipped handle worked down away from the leaves towards the stalk end. The ‘tail’ to the leaf end; the loop at the stalk end and the cut end ready to go through the loop.

Wip the wool around the handle from the leaf end down towards the stalk end and the loop, binding the wool over the tail as you go. Do this firmly, but no too tight!

Take the cut end (NOT the tail) and pop it through the loop.

Now for the magic… take hold of the tail at the leafy end, and pull slowly, but firmly, so as the cut end of the wool is pulled through via the loop.

As soon as the loop has disappeared under the whipping cut both the loose ends off neatly, leaving no visible ‘ends’.

Now your new aspergillum is ready to use or you can hang upside down to dry.


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