The Brew!

No doubt every Witch has his or her favourite potions to brew, and with the advent of Midsummer, most herbs are ready to harvest a plenty!

But – a quick rant if you will… I’ll jump straight to the chase here ~ the availability of so called ‘flying ointments’ online is quite alarming at times. So is the number of witchy beginners asking for recipes and how to’s… Makes me wonder sometimes if they’ve never heard of the facts about these potions and lotions ~ that they’re made of toxic plants that can and do cause death. The very thought of newbee’s rubbing generous amounts of said ointment into their wrists, with great gusto, then lying down ready to pop orft ‘oot ‘n’n aboot’, but dropping off into a gibbering stooper frightens me dreadfully, to be truthful.

The thought of mixing up a lotion of such plants does not appeal to me – it never has and I doubt ever will. I choose a gentler way to ‘fly’!

While Midsummer marks the zenith of the year, it also marks the death of one Roy Bowers, better known as Robert Cochrane. There are far better people than me to write about him, and I say this out of the utmost respect I have for the man. So if you, dear Reader, find his name new to you, and you wish to know more about him – then try here.

Now that I have that off my chest, let’s move onwards, from death via belladonna etc, to my gentler way to fly…


Last year I put a jar full of Mugwort, covered with a good brandy, down to brew in the warm darkness of ye good ole fashioned airing-cupboard – recently, I gave it birth into the light of midsummer.

It was intended to be an experiment, and has been a good one; it was laid down to brew at such a time when the veil was thin; a time of Dumb Suppers and Jack O’Lanterns, mists and Will O’Wisps – with this in mind the creation if the Brew was enhanced with the ritualistic honouring of the Spirit of the Plant with offerings and incantation as the incense billowed across the flicking candle light; OK you get the picture? I wasn’t watching Corrie while I filled the jar with dried herb and cheap brandy on a whim… 😉

To be truthful, I had forgotten about it – not a bad thing when magic’s afoot really. I was reminded of it, during preparation for the symposium I attended in Glastonbury earlier last month; fully intending to take a small phial with me, the Fates had other ideas – but that’s another story entirely!

Said Brew, stayed in the warmth of the womb until recently.

Now having said that, I must add that during another online discussion, it was mentioned that the sole of your foot was a good place to anoint with certain ‘things’ to enhance certain activities. Knowing that rubbing a raw garlic clove on your sole works (you can smell it on your breath after about half an hour – try it – it does work) I had designs on my Brew… Now it wasn’t just an experimental Brew, but I had an experiment to perform with it!

The Brew was decanted successfully … as you can see it’s gloriously clear!

Now bottled and awaiting more Mugwort to be reduced to ashes, to become the salts of the plant. These will be left outside, over night to absorb the tears of the Goddess as She waxes to Full… the Baptism of Fire and Water.

Then and only then will the Brew be ready to use… or so y’d think!

Quite naturally, I needed to gauge the experiment! 🙂

My notes show that six weeks after the Brew had gorn down I took a little in warm water and popped myself into bed; best to Dream a good dream. The Dreams came but were no more revealing than usual.

Then I recorded, that I took a fingerful and smeared it on the soul of my foot and retired to Dream; this at the end of April – so the Brew was good and strong even then. The Dreams were strong and insightful, and had been enhanced by the application rather than by ingestion.

Now, I took the same fingerful, of the decanted Brew, to the soul of my foot the other night – well not just any old other night – midsummers eve to be correct. Boy did I fly! The Dream was incredible – and while I know it was the night (well one of them) to pop off over the Hedge, there’s no doubt it was enhanced by the Brew! How do I know? Well y’just do – there is a natural rhythm to these things that is particular to each and every one of us; we may find similarities but the essence is different for each of us; a signature that we know and recognise as our own. The beat of this Hedge Hopping was different; deeper, earthier, with more vavavoom…

To conclude the experiment/s after the salts have been added will be interesting, as the potency will be greatly enhanced by their addition.

And the beat goes on…


6 thoughts on “The Brew!

  1. The ‘salts’ – this needs a new post with pics – hopefully soon weather permitting!

    The salts are basically the same plant material burnt to ashes (very smoky and this needs to be done outside) and then refined over a very high temperature until they are white.

    These salts are very porous.

    On the three nights up to the full moon, these salts are placed outside (away from cats and other animals) to absorb not only the moonlight, but the dew, the Angels Tears.

    On the full moon they are then added to the brew making it even more magical, potent and poky 🙂

    But as I say – this needs a new post, with pictures. Sadly the weather here in the UK has been very wet until recently. :/ Making it impossible to do. But it seems summer is here so fingers crossed…

  2. You’re lucky it’s been wet where you are, Ontario is having droughts so bad we may not have enough corn to shop local this year. 😦

    I look forward to a new post! 🙂 I love tincture making.

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