A review of “A Paean for Hekate.”

“A Paean for Hekate”

As always, Ms Oates manages to say more in a few words than most manage in a one book; her words open new vistas, modes of understanding and hints at devotional praxis for the reader to delight in.

Written in her own unique style, Ms Oates has offered up, her inner most personal of works, in such an open and frank manner that I could not help but feel I was a voyeur, at times, on her, very personal and unique, journey with the Goddess Hekate.

At one point, Ms Oates writes of sacrifice, how “[it] is total submission through reconciliation – the offering of the self to the divine will…” that is evident with in this paean, this devotional work, to Herself. I don’t know how she does it, but Ms Oates finds a way of inducing the most wonderful results as the paean unfolds, these come as insights from the depths of the soul and it is only fair to share at least one with you.

While reading, I had the most vivid image of Hekate, standing on the crescent moon as she (the moon) lay on her back. In one hand, a torch, held high illuminating the heavens, the other hand, also holding a torch illuminating that which lay beneath, out of sight…

You may also experience such insights whilst reading this, which, in truth, is not unusual when reading any of Ms Oates works. Such personal insights may inspire or confuse, but for the true spiritual seeker it is clear to see that with knowledge comes the true vision, and with this vision the veil falls away like leaves in autumn, leaving the truth naked for all to see…

Cast away all preconditions; read between the lines; allow your soul to understand the deep truth of this paean and you will, like myself, return to this time and time again, each time finding new depth of understanding.

No more will I say, other than this; here within lies much to ponder on… and it is a beautiful thing to behold.




paean: sometimes US, pean [ˈpiːən] n

1. (Historical Terms) a hymn sung in ancient Greece in invocation of or thanksgiving to a deity

2. any song of praise

3. enthusiastic praise

Source (click here)


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