Phone calls and threats!

Regular readers of the blog will know the problems I’ve had with a certain plagiarist, and how this person operates under many fake names and accounts all over the Internet.

Recently several other people have been drawn into the tangled web of deceit she weaves and have suffered the very A-typical personal attacks she dishes out when ever the truth is highlighted.

The latest victim has been contacted by one Joanne Nelson, via phone all the way from the UK, demanding she take down comments on Amazon in regards to Nelson’s Mother (?). These comments are on reviews of the Plagiarists books – here is a link to the mp3 file of the call which was left on her business line.

But this is a case of mistaken identity!

On Amazon, a certain person called The Bookworm has recently discovered the plagiarism contained in Lady Raven Avalon‘s ‘books’ (they’re copypasta not books, and I use the word book very lightly…) and has been commenting accordingly.

Of course The Plagiarist thought that Bk Wrm on Facebook was the same Bookworm as Amazon. Wrong!

Her antics have just reached a new level of stalking – shame they fall short…

Following this recent phone call, said Joanne Nelson contacted me in a message that contained several names and address’s (removed for privacy) including Bk Wrms profile link.

Nelson proceeded to tell me that her Mother had commented on the review

then denied it and said her Mother ran a hotel, and didn’t have time to read books let alone write them… so why did she comment on a review of a book that she didn’t read?

Seems Nelson is confused and well as confusing.

Recently, Nelson clearly left a ‘note’ on Raven Avalon‘s author (that’s a laff) page on FB – in it she veils a threat, allowing only those who know a certain friend of mine to see it.

To the casual observer it seems innocent enough, until you realize  she’s referring to the person’s home, and that she’s letting this person know she knows where they live. (Name removed but clearly she knows who’s home this is!)

So phone calls and threats have all been issued by Joanne Nelson – who claims to be a real person, full of revenge because someone called her names as she couldn’t spell.

Funny how her spelling improves when she wants it too, but reminded of her alleged dyslexia is soon devolves into incoherent babble….

Perhaps the truth is stranger than fiction – they say it is, don’t they? Perhaps the person behind all of this has just showed her self capable of the highest form of deceit. It’s easy enough to manipulate IP addresses to make it appear you are in Dublin, when you are really in, lets say the US. Easy to put on an English accent, or involve an English friend.

What ever the truth may be about their true identity, the person behind all this stalking and falsification is clearly deranged.

Update 11 August 2012:

From here -> Cat Morte’s review

The second update of the day; posted with permission from a rather disgruntled innocent person!


6 thoughts on “Phone calls and threats!

  1. Unbelievable that this person continues with this crap. She seems to becoming very well known in the pagan world to being a fraud so I doubt she will last or make much money on her deceit.

  2. It is unbelievable Chatters… personally, I think her infamy will cause her to morph into yet another character and continue in the same vein, much as she did when ‘Rochelle Moore’ morphed into ‘Zara Alcott’, and then ‘Lady Raven (Cole) Avalon’.

    No doubt she will continue with what she does, and I have no doubt this will not be the last we hear of her. :/

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