A Mornings Walk.


“Being part of an established routine…

A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed”

I often walk the pathways of this town I now live in, in a ritualistic manner, attempting in some way to ‘see’ beyond the veil of modernity; it’s a bit like writing this blog – if I don’t get caught up with the trappings, (spell checking and sentence construction… and others besides) the words can flow from my fingers like wine into a glass… so it is with my walks.

At times the signs and insights augur well – at others there’s nothing! Empty, chaotic, full of people passing by and never stopping to pass the time of day. Souls shifting silently in the gray reality of the double-dip recession….

This morning was no such day – my eye’s averted from the screen, the words flowing, like footsteps on the page – my thoughts turned to the time of year; bitting cold wind took my hair into a style of it’s making as I walked the banks of the canal in the weakening winter sunshine; to one side, hidden by trees the ‘expressway’; to the other, the old town.

It would be this time last year I saw the first Heron watch me as I walked the bank of the canal – a good sign. This year I have seen more of them, and come to know where they go to roost – further more, in the pathetic postage stamp of a gloomy front garden here, a hedgehog comes to visit! Munching happily on slugs and snails, I find this a delight to know that these little chaps, come to visit and wake me in the midnight hour!

The Land lives – even here, which is a Gods forsaken place, in reality… but as my understanding of the place grows, the history, the people, the buildings, the industry, ferry crossings, I see the truth, tho’ it is veiled in the trappings of modern human existence – it’s quite clear, now that my view point has sifted.

This is a liminal place…


2 thoughts on “A Mornings Walk.

  1. I felt that ‘post’ – we seems to be stading at the edges don’t we, those in between places, watching, waiting, for me I have finally relaised that it’s not that I don’t belong anywhere, it’s that my place ‘is’ to be in between…

  2. Exactly!

    You just said what I tried to convey… but I only realised it with your words; a walker between worlds, belonging in neither… such is the way of those truly of our ilk!

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