A Charm to chase away poverty.

A Charm to chase away poverty.


We could all do with a little more at this time of year, this Charm (based on one of Solomon’s Seals) has the ability to banish poverty, so feel free to use this for your own use, and why not share with other’s too – the more of us who use it the stronger it will get… and Happy New Year Dear Readers ~ wishing you Flags, Flax and Fodder ~ Cymraes


Update 25/01/2015.

I’m encouraged to see this charm is still being shared in the spirit of helping each other; times are hard, harder for some at the time of this posting two years ago ~ to keep the energetic thread intact, please make sure you share not just the picture of the charm, but the link to this post too, to keep the flow going – think of a spiders web and you’ll get the picture… when one thread breaks the web weakens, I as the spider will fix that thread – infact thats what I’m doing right now, having found this charm, which is my art work, and therefore my copyright, online without the link to this blog…

To reiterate, please share – don’t steal… say where it’s come from; respect that please, or the spell will be broken.


10 thoughts on “A Charm to chase away poverty.

    1. Hello Sophie!

      Happy New Year to you too 🙂

      I purposely left out details of a ritual, thinking people might want to use their own form – but I may reconsider and write a separate post on empowering magically.

      A simple way would be to create within a circle, and burn a candle on top of it, to empower it.

      As it’s one of Solomon’s Seals, of course it has a planet it belongs to – and that planet is Jupiter; so creating, empowering and so forth would add something extra if all this was done on a Thursday.

      Once created, either slip into a little black silk or linen pouch(created especially) or fold and tie with red thread – then keep it in your purse, wallet, handbag or pocket.


  1. oh, good idea!
    I’ve not worked with Solomon’s Keys (a gap in my education which I hope to remedy), so any additional guidance would be helpful.
    Jupiterian energies are always welcome!

  2. OK Sophie – it’s on the list, but basically you can work around the Seals in your own way, or so I’ve found – I did ask a very experienced ceremonial magician once about setting the Seals into a witchcraft setting, and he saw no problem with that – and to be truthful, they work, and work very well!

    Witch of Stitches ~ thank you for letting me know 🙂 I’ll pop over to your blog and take a peak ~ always good to link up with like minded folk eh!

    1. In that case I’ll have my witchy way with it! I’m about to launch into a new venture and I’m broke, so any help will be wonderful 🙂

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