Witchy Hints and Tips: onions.

Red onion slices
Red onion slices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you’ve had an argument or a disagreement in your home, which created an atmosphere you could cut with a knife (or something similar) – go to your kitchen and find a nice onion, the Spanish type, and cut it in half  – then place in the room with the atmosphere to absorb the residue of the argument, preferably overnight. Then burn on the fire. Or if you don’t have one dispose of it so it’s off your property i.e. don’t compost it.

I’ve done this for years, and with good results too. I’ve also used it if there’s a strange ‘air’ in a room, as a preventative measure for anything brewing…

At times, when ‘things’ have been very bad, an onion string has either been made, or bought and hung in the kitchen – the ‘heart’ of the home. Again this is preventative.

A string of garlic seems to work in the same vein, tho’ cutting a bulb in half does create a rather pungent aroma!

So next time you have a barny in your home, remember the onion isn’t just for eating!


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