Morning musings.

Time for another coffee, m’thinks…

…the caffeine infused aroma drifts around the kitchen, mingling with the scents of yeast from the rising dough… the lingering aroma of frankincense burned in the grey light of the new day… fried bacon…

The fog that rolled in from the Irish Sea up along the Mersey has dissipated somewhat, the Old Town was engulfed in it’s mysterious cloak earlier ~ promises of colder weather and clear skies are gratefully accepted; the rain which has beleaguered this land for far too long will soon be forgotten, once the dry, frosty days of winter return and the good camera can be dug out and taken on frosty walks to capture the wonders Jack Frost creates with his icy touch…

Inspiration comes from many sources.

What inspired me to buy the latest addition to my witchy paraphernalia was shear delight!

On it’s arrival, it was cleansed and consecrated with the elements of the Arte and dedicated to my particular praxis; my Beloved has already named it Pandora…

box of delights

In my self imposed exile into the Wilderness, I gave up material possessions as it was impossible to travel with the amount I had amassed over the years ~ I kept but a few precious possessions here and there, where I could, keeping about me only the bare minimum. So difficult for a hamster like me, used to squirrelling little gems here and there…

But now I am settled again, the joys of nesting return, with renewed enthusiasm ~ I see no need to have anything which is purely mundane…  surrounding myself with beautiful things that have many layers of meaning is pure delight, and as such, draws admiring glances and spawns interesting discussions from those that are in the ‘know’ as well as from those who aren’t… like the lingering scent of coffee and frankincense, such things speak to the soul, and like Pandora, when we open the box, the world is never quite the same again…


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