“is she or isn’t she?…”

I LOVE Nancy Farmer’s art work, especially her Medusa series 🙂 There’s something about this particular Greek Goddess having such bad press – who wouldn’t want a halo of snakes as hair? No hiding those babes under a wimple or a hat for that matter… as hair has always been used to bewitch why hide it? Oh, hum, yes, maybe because hair has always been used to bewitch and en-glamour the opposite sex…
So All Hail Medusa, especially where Nancy’s concerned! 😉

Art by Nancy Farmer

I have a sketch for the December picture for my Medusa Calendar! She is on her own all through the year (so far… I still have some months to fill in and i was wondering about a valentine’s theme for February), but December needed something jolly, I thought.

So, here is Medusa at the Christmas Party:

It’s a kind of Masked Ball affair. She would probably have preferred fancy dress, then she might come as herself – with hair like that Medusa can only come as herself. But then again, Medusa enjoys the occasional opportunity to be noticed – she so rarely gets the chance to socialize.

So she has donned a pair of dark shades, for fear of turning all the other guests to stone, and has let them all believe that she considers a pair of shades and a ‘remarkable headdress’ is suitable attire for a masked ball…

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