Hag Stones.

Make sure you pick your hag stones up from the right places – then they’ll contain that extra special witchiness, poke and power!

Hag Stone from the River Morda from the personal collection of the author.
Hag Stone from the River Morda from the personal collection of the author.

The golden rule for this is easy to remember – take them from running water… why? Because running water is alive – and for you to find one or more is meant to be for you… no-one else.

It’s a bit like finding a four-leaved clover… it’s lucky!

Luck… which is ruled by Dame Fate herself.

It’s a gift… from the Goddess.

It’s to protect you… to keep you and your loved one’s safe from the Evil Eye and malevolent witchcraft…

So that’s it – simple – look in streams, brooks, rivers, lakes, the sea and it you find a hag stone, consider yourself very lucky.

Take it home and do nothing to it; no cleansing; no consecration; for you would wash away the Goddess given gifts it brings. All you need do is add a length of red thread, or cord, or ribbon through it, and if it’s to keep nightmares away, hang over your bed with a dedication perhaps if you feel it appropriate…

Anything else you may find, in shops, or in gravel paths is simply not the ticket!

A genuine hag stone should come from Mother Nature herself, no one else! 🙂

Of course there are many things you can do with them, only one of which is mentioned above – The Manx Wytch has collected enough to make a necklace of them, something which is elegant in it’s simplicity, yet powerful in it’s meaning and must be wonderful to wear – read about it here. In Dorset, fishermen hung hag stones on their fishing boats – a charm to guard against black magic.

I’ve even seen huge one’s as part of the roof in West Kennet burial chamber… proof perhaps, that they were sacred to our ancestors as well.

Huge hag stone (one of two) inside the West Kennet burial chamber.Photo from the authors personal archive.
Huge hag stone (one of two) inside the West Kennet burial chamber.
Photo from the authors personal archive.

7 thoughts on “Hag Stones.

  1. It all depends on where you are some traditions have no problem with them not being in water ( I have never heard this myself )Leylands Aradia gives other information on Hag Stones

    1. While many say Leyland is not worth the paper he wrote on, I disagree – so will check this out.

      The water creates the holes, either by erosion or by the way the stone was created (Volcanic rock tends to have air bubbles trapped with in, giving a very nice appearance) or even by things burrowing into it.

      The had stone pictured came from the river Morda btw 🙂

  2. Ahh I was thinking of flint Hag Stones, you wont find them in this part of the country but in the south (on the chalk ) they are found in forests, downs and on the beach. Leylands Aradia = Red Goblin spell. BB

    1. I’ve not found many flint ones – but I got a cracker from the sea a few weeks ago 🙂 biggest one I’ve seen so far. Except for the one’s I’ve noticed in burial chambers – if you’ve been to West Kennet you’ll know the one’s I speak of! Huge! Our Ancestors must have revered them to take the time and effort to place them there surely?

      Thanks for the hint re Aradia – I think far too many modern occultists tend to throw the baby out with the bath water some times eh… 😉


  3. So…any experts in this field? An Amulet, detailed Hag Stone Found me. So far found over 100 confirmed faces; me lol yet it get’s deeper.
    An Story Telling Effigy either carved by Nature or perhaps a Gift. If my eyes deceive me, Amulet shall ???? frankly, it’s pissing me off!
    lol no. Cracking this code, flipping, spinning, 90 here followed by an 180 seems to show a tree having an Birds nest. A Mother feeding her young and a slight tilt….. WTF? Could She be Food herself? Oh My! Look! Things are moving up to that nest, like Shadows stocking their prey.
    Oh… It get Deeper! Run with it! God No! Death. Death described in an Detailed Amulet not only having Stories of the past. Insistes It’s has Stories in Our Future! Yep! Should make you Famous, protected and never shall evil harm you.
    Fate took part in the creation I do Think. Now if I could find out what Light is needed to show another Story on the Wall! Cave drawings Projection Style. Even an expert in Art; drawing down something without any help except their Inner Eye. Okay… started drawing at age 2, and no one even taught ya expert.

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