The Joy of Spinning; the threads that weave…

Over the last few weeks I have been learning how to spin with a drop spindle – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, as I have plans for thread spun with intent. But first I had to find a supplier – I didn’t want to get just any ordinary drop spindle but one that resonated with me. I discarded the one’s that looked like just a bit of tat, and while I did consider making one of my own, I decided against that for now, shelving that possibility for later.

So after a little research, I came across this maker and supplier of drop spindles – I liked the blurb that went with the ad; that Jenniver Lauxman McCorkell is involved in the history of her home land of Scotland and that there’s a picture of her at the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney! 😉  Spindle and woolSo I went ahead and splashed out on one of her kits – and before I knew it had mastered the art of drop spindling and was creating yarn of my own! Fabulous!

The Three Fates
The Three Fates

The art of spinning is well know through out the Occult – the Sisters of Fate, are often shown as three women, who are know in different cultures as the Moirae, and the Norns, just to mention two, who dispense our fate, or wyrd.

The Norns
The Norns

One spins our fate, while the other weaves it into the fabric of our life and the last holds the shears ready to cut the thread when our life is done!

So the magical aspect of spinning and weaving is clear, just from this short example. But what about this ‘magical thread’?

We all know about intent, how we weave it into our spells, our crafting, our praxis ~ we all know how important it is, but there is another, less obvious aspect to my ‘workings’, that in this quick fix, throw away society, is all but forgot!


Our intent is, in my not so humble opinion, is set at the very beginning of the thought that leads to the thing that we do. A bit like horary astrology, where the chart is cast, at the very moment in time when the astrologer understands the question! The thread, yes, the thread of that thought is wound and woven as the spell progresses – which takes time; time to not just cast the spell, but in the creation of the spell.

Thus, the threads of thought are spun together by the mind and bought to manifest with the hands – the elements of air are with the thoughts of the mind, the fire of the actions of our muscles, the emotions of joy as the thing comes together and finally the created piece comes to rest in reality, have been earthed by the actions and journey through the former three elements. A beautiful, yet simple, dance of manifestation.

Add intent to this dance, timed to match the correct moon phase, day of the week and planetary hour and we have something extra pokey and powerful! Add a chant and we have a dedication, a meaning, a reason, another depth to the thing we are creating – the thread, red of course, wove with a certain Goddess in mind, for example, with the chant of “Askei Kataskei Eron Oreon Ior Mega Samnyer Baui Phobantia Semne” is said to imbue the work with a magical depth that will empower the owner of such a piece.

I’m all for adding an extra omph to my works, for myself and especially for others!

So what will this magical thread be used for?

The answer to this is endless.

These are just a few uses I have already used the first batch for, or have future plans for.

  • The tying of magical sigils, as they are placed either in my cauldron or given to the element invoked.
  • Knot magic.
  • The making of Gods Eyes.
  • Red thread and Rowan wood cross.
  • The red thread that bind three Blackthorne spikes together.
  • Threading rose hips on to.
  • The sealing of intent into small phials of potions to enhance skrying and hedgeridding.
  • Red chord tied into hag stones, to hang by the bed to ride the nightmare out of the room.
  • Keys, red chord used to hold a bunch of three medieval casket keys together, to empower them to open occult secrets, hidden in safe places, where only the brave would dare to look.
  • A wardrobe key, tied with magical red thread, empowering to open the ‘wardrobe’ of costumes of the past, in order to don them and walk in their shoes.

    Tincture of Mugwort sealed with wax and tied up with red thread
    Tincture of Mugwort sealed with wax and tied up with red thread


And perhaps the most important, unseen aspect to picking up the spindle… it is the key to creativity on a different level, and has taken my creative bent to a different place, both in the mundane and the magical!


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