Moon-thly mutterings

Today is the New Moon, the first day of the moon-th.

A day, when, in my corner of the world I open up the doors of my home and sweep out the physical and psychic dross of the last moon-th!

Sigils created, empowered and not given to the elements they were fashion for are buried as many of these are for long term healing, or to bring long term change. I give them back to the earth where the transformation will slowly carry on…

I clean my altars, inside and out, and tidy my stocks of herbs and incense, essential oils and leave my crystals (yes I have a few) out in the elements to imbue the cleansing tide… today, a Sunday, it is raining (smile) .

I leave my censer outside after cleaning out and restocking it with pre-ritual.

I created a Telurian incense ala Huson; buried it in the garden to mature over the coming weeks – this time next moon-th I shall reclaim it from the chthonic realms to use in my New Moon ritual.

I love how magical work flows…

Finally tonight I perform the usual ritual to call upon my patron Goddess to cleanse and protect my home… drawing three cards from my favourite deck of tarot cards for the three coming moon phases. I give thanks, offerings and libations.

The day leaves me full of peace and quiet excitement at whats to come; I open my diary and plan my magical operations. I have keys to embellish with red thread for someone; and as I have to make a few for them to choose from, the others may be offered up for sale.

I have the planed Bull Roarer to make, so I will be looking for a good day to traverse the wild wood to harvest the wood for it, and then to fashion it while the wood is green. A joy – for this is one of my favourite things to do – others may follow if I have the orders I expect. I shall be spinning the chord for this too – oh joy!

There are brews to make, wool to spin, pictures to draw, incense to make, and spells to cast – and healing to do.

Life, in my little magical corner of the world is very good 🙂

Oh – and there will be plenty of Love to make too… Iz a happy Bunz 😉


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