Hand forged medieveal casket keys; a magical project.

The symbolism of keys is well known – not only are they sacred to a certain Dark Goddess, but they make for powerful amulets too. Their uses only limited by the imagination.

I was asked by a friend, to find her a key for a specific purpose – it had to be small, hand forged, and old… and most of all, she wished me to work a certain intent into the cord and she also asked for something to link her with the ancestors; I had just acquired a few bone beads and we thought they would work a treat. As her patron deity is Hekate, it was easy from there on in – the hunt was on for the right key.

It began at All Hallows, I scoured the antiques shops, flea markets and online sites for quite a while – a good few months in fact! Eventually, I found them, the perfect little bunch of hand forged, medieval casket keys which had been an metal detector find!keys

They came just at the right time for me too, as I’d just learnt to spin with a drop spindle and the prospect of creating the magical red thread seemed a perfect plan!

Consulting our Moon Diaries, the timing was agreed upon and tonight, I put together the months of planning and magical spinning into several intense hours!

  • The 3 inches of woollen cord was twined chanting Askei Kataskei etc from wool hand spun, by myself, on a drop spindle.
  • There are 3×3 knots hidden within each one, three being sacred to Hekate, nine being an important number too.
  • There are three bone beads to connect to the ancestors.
  • A hand crafted tassel.
  • The intent is that each key should open the past and act as a powerful amulet for the bearer.
  • While they have their intent, they have not yet been consecrated but can be if needed, either by myself, or the owner.
Hand forged medieval casket keys, with bone beads, hand spun and hand twined cord, and a tassel.
Hand forged medieval casket keys, with bone beads, hand spun and hand twined cord, and a tassel.


It had been agreed, as I had found three, that she would choose just one, for she has just one box of secrets to open – but that I would work on all three keys for her to choose from. The other two will be offered up for sale soon, so if you are at all interested in one, please check out my FB page, as I’m sure they’ll go quick – I don’t offer up my ‘crafting’ for sale very often, other than commissions for friends.


4 thoughts on “Hand forged medieveal casket keys; a magical project.

  1. Thank you – I enjoyed crafting them 🙂 Tho’ I say it myself, they are very special. Keys of this ilk are not common, their age lends to their quality, as do the manner in which they were made. They bought me lucid dreams last night, which is hardly surprising considering. But even so, I am surprised… they seem potent and pokey, just as they should! 🙂

  2. Hi Sue – thank you for your interest but they’ve all been taken now – in fact I could have made twice as many (probably more too) and they would have gone within less than 18 hours!

    I do have other similar projects planned and of course, could always under take a commission, if you’re interested.



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