Of Deva.

My corner of the world has changed again 🙂

Over the last few weeks I’ve been settling into a new home, a new area and a new life style.

This country lass is now a city dweller – from country lane to city suburb!

And WHAT a city – small, compact, friendly… should I worry there’s still a law that says you can shoot a Welshman (with a bow and arrow) on a Wednesday within the city walls…? 😉 I don’t think so… at least I hope not!!!

There’s enough history here for me to sift through to keep me happy well into my old age 🙂 as the city was founded two thousand years ago by the Romans – a shrine to the Goddess Minerva, still stand down by the Old River Dee Bridge, and the Gallows Hill has already been visited. 🙂

As regular readers will know, part of what I do is bound up with the place I live – the Land, the Ancestors, the history of the place is what I seek out and honour as I too tread in their footsteps. The preliminary  steps have been taken and accepted – seems the spirits of place are friendly; but then the connection I have with them does go back many years, as this is a place I planned to live as long as 45 years ago as a school child! 🙂 The Fates have seen fit to see to it and I am grateful to them 🙂

There is so much to write about… so much to see and do!


Detail of Minerva's shrine.
Detail of Minerva’s shrine.



2 thoughts on “Of Deva.

  1. It’s a fab place and I loved living there – very close to Minerva, actually – for three years. I found it very hard to leave. I’m sure you’ll be happy there!

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