Dream: Midnight of Sunday, 29/4/2013 Waning Moon.

I don’t often blog about my dreams – somethings are just not up for public consumption, plus it can become boring for you Dear Reader, reading about the weird things that go on in my dreamscape! 😉

So why am I bloging about this one? What makes this so special? Easy – it comes after the visit to the Gallows Hill and the research on George Marsh – Martyr. It also raises a few points about working with the Land, and the spirits therein, and hopefully, this journey I am sharing with you is not boring?

Expect updates on this one too – there’s much to chew over!

The Dream:

1 The Timing.

The dream occurred about midnight; the traditional ‘witching hour’ – how do I know this? I woke and looked at the bedside clock.

I also note that this dream happened on the point of Sunday, the Sabbath moving into Monday. The day of the Moon.

Checking my Moon diary, I see the moon is of course on the wane and in the sign of Sagittarius – all of which are notable for one reason or another.

This is all relevant and for those of you who record their dreams, that will be obvious. For those of you who don’t, it might be time to add these little, but important details to your dream diary. Looking back at such seemingly insignificant points will often produce a cry of delighted retrospective understanding!

2. The dream over view.

First a note on what I mean by over view.

We, when asked what did we dream about, often go into great details about the strange things that were actually happening… like we were eating a large marshmallow, or wearing no clothes, or flying, falling, or a myriad of other things. These are the details – the over view is, if we can but dig ourselves out of the details, which often bog us down, is what the message is/was/shall be… Flying naked, for example, would depend on what has been going on in your waking life. If you’ve just started a new job, it could mean several things; vulnerable – on show – doing well etc etc etc… which is why it’s impossible to, correctly, unravel another’s dream for them – the Dreamer, has to relate the dream to their waking life.

So, here was I in my bed, dreaming about being in my bed, asleep……

An entity, a presence, enters my home and stands in the open doorway of my bedroom looking in.

In my dream, I wake (tho’ not in reality) and deal with it in the usual manner.

But it resists.

Now I take proper notice. i.e. I am in a state of lucid dreaming, taking action consciously, but on the Astral…

I am aware of it but is it aware of me?

It would seem so.

I try unsuccessfully to banish it again.

The Dreamscape shifts.

I am on top of the world; literally, observing, corpses.

The entity in my bedroom has gone.

I wake…


3. The Conclusion.

This is not so much about the dream, but what is going on around it – taking into account the recent visit, the research, the questions I have forming in my mind… some of it, is personal, and some of it, may make no sense to anyone but myself, and a great deal will be ongoing for all of the former reasons!

What is clear, is that I should have put certain things into action – I didn’t and was caught with my lucid dreaming pants down!

So to say I am left with more questions than answers, would be quite true – but… is this how I was meant to be left?

One thing I have taken from the true story of George Marsh, is how strong his convictions of faith were – he stuck by them; foolishly?

He was offered a pardon, but did not take it – was that true?

It is recorded, so I can only assume it is the truth – but the truth is written by the victors, as we know, so who is to say… what ever, this may be a distraction… the truth is, I am being contacted – the next time I will be ready.

However – I am confused as to the corpses …

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AAntonio_de_Pereda_(1611-1678)_-_Visioen_van_een_ridder_(na_1650)_-_Madrid_Bellas_Artes_21-03-2010_11-15-11.jpg
Antonio de Pereda (1611-1678) – The Knight’s Dream.

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