The Petit Lenormand Tradition

Traditional is the way to go in so many ways… Critics see tradition as stale, static and stagnant but it is far, far from that. Tradition adheres to a form, a style, a way of working that works, and has worked for years, with generations of people reaping the just rewards… And so it is with Lenormand. Here Mary K. Greer gives 14 very good reasons why learning Lenormand the traditional way works.

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

The 36-card Petit Lenormand cards have taken the divinatory world by storm. 

Two years ago only two classically-based Lenormand decks were available in the U.S. Since then there’s been a deluge of over 50 new decks (most with creative designs and self-published). Interest is supported by dozens of Facebook and forum study groups and websites in English, plus many more in other languages. Until this year, only two English-language books were available (compared to sixty or more in German, Dutch, French, Russian and Portuguese). By early next year there’ll be at least five or six new English-language books. 

Two things are essential to a Lenormand reading: 1) a set of cards containing the Lenormand numbers, names and/or pictures, and 2) learning the traditional Lenormand system. Certainly, a person can use Lenormand cards as oracles: making up their own meanings, projecting stories onto them, and reading the images as symbols, but…

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