Oswestry Hill Fort: no, there’s absolutely no misunderstanding!

So the situation has come to this…

For those of you who don’t know, there are plans to build houses NEAR the ramparts of this important Iron Age fort. Seems like the developers think the locals are some what dim in thinking they were going to build houses on the earthworks/Old Oswestry… Well that’s their stupid assumption – obfuscation of the worst kind.

No one, not even English Heritage, wants a development this close to the site.

The Heritage Journal

At Oswestry Guildhall a few days ago plans for the proposed housing development near the hill fort were displayed. A Mr Roberts (who is working on some of the plans) said “It’s been a useful day. From our point of view it was about providing information to the various people who weren’t previously party to some of the plans….. I think a number of people in the town have the idea that the hillfort is being developed, but it’s not – it’s land near the foot of the hillfort, not the hillfort itself.”

But hang on, who actually thought that? Don’t the vast majority of Oswestry people know very well the hill fort can’t be built on and that it’s the setting that’s being targeted? It’s not a case of people misunderstanding a harmless proposal. It’s a case of people understanding a damaging one all too well.

The police recently…

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