Hype and Misinformation over the supposed esoteric website censorship; why you might want to think twice!

As I’ve said elsewhere – I’m increasingly concerned with the huge amount of interest generated by the assumption that the UK government will be censoring esoteric sites on internet via filters set by ISPs – I see petitions for people to sign and all sorts of things going on – but no where did Cameron say this as fact!

My concern is that those that wish the continuation of what’s commonly known as ‘kiddie-porn’ have jumped on this bandwagon and are garnering support from unsuspecting pagans, as well as what my OLF Rowan points out, that pagans being linked with deviants by the media!

Please read Camerons speech so you can see for yourself before you too jump on the bandwagon, and make your own mind up rather than going along with all this hype and misinformation!

Abusers are crafty bastards – they go to any length to get what they want …



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