A is for Altar – Creating that first altar

Reblogging this excellent article on how to set up your very first altar – some sound common sense advice here which is very helpful for the new comers to the craft 🙂

Knot Magick


Recently I came across someone on Facebook who was very worried about sharing their first altar with a larger group. Partly there was a fear their altar wouldn’t be accepted as well as a feeling that they hadn’t been able to achieve their ideal with the space and tools to their disposal. It set my mind whirling and after I shared my thoughts with him I thought it would make a great first Pagan Blog Project offering.

So, here are my musings on the things you should be thinking about when you set about creating that first altar.


What is your purpose?
Are you creating something to honour a particular deity or turn of the year? Are you going to follow a particular tradition or work in an eclectic way? Once you’ve identified a purpose it will be easier to decide what you want to include as you will be…

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