The Stone that was stolen.

Down a lane, behind a high hedge, you’d hardly notice it if you drove past…

Over the Horseshoe pass, down to the roundabout, along the Ruthin road and second turning on the left, past a static caravan (if it’s still there) and to the right in the hedge is where you’ll find it.


…this unassuming lone standing stone is not marked on the map. The ‘tumulus’ it sits on is though.

OS map

The tale I am about to retell here was found in the Daily Post – a Saturday edition sometime in 2002/3, and so far, is the only source I have found for this interesting spot. If anyone knows otherwise, please leave a comment – I’m especially interested in hearing about visits by others, to see if they had any esoteric insights to add to mine, but more of that later.


The story, as I remember it goes thus:



Back in the 1850’s a local farmer was looking for stones to use as gate posts. Not caring about the superstitions surrounding such things, he found this stone and thought he’d put it to good use. He uprooted it, and carted it back to his farm. After a couple of weeks, the farmer being so changed with lack of sleep, bad dreams and a very bad run of bad luck, two of his neighbours, knowing what he had done (and probably warned him against it too…) took the stone back to its place, replanted it, and to keep the spirits in, planted yew and Hawthorne around it. Life for the farmer, then returned to normal.

Reading this piqued my interest and visited the spot that same day – a few years later, I returned, to take these rather low quality photos.

The stone, as you can see, is small (around five foot tall) and quite thin, so would be easy to manhandle – it apparently sits atop a burial mound, but to be truthful, while you have to climb up a few strides into the ‘hedge’, it does not resemble anything like! It is peaceful there – and both times, I warned my companions not to take anything away with them as a memento… but both times, I have found the visits punctuated an ending… like a full stop. Enough was enough, and without going into the details, things in my life that weren’t working for me, ended, both times, a few weeks after the visits.


This collated with the esoteric insights I gleaned from the site – it also matches the story of the stone… and it’s function may well be this, sitting as it does, where it does, and why it does… or the egregore that has grown up around may, see to it.

I have, over the years since that first visit, been unable to find any further info on this stone. Perhaps I’ve been looking in the wrong places, but in any case, further info will be very gratefully received.




5 thoughts on “The Stone that was stolen.

    1. Oh there’s no doubt about that it is guarded by something, to what it subject to how we view these things 🙂 or not… as the farmer found out!

      The landscape in which it sits is interesting; many interesting place names on the map of the immediate area, which is why I’m hoping someone, somewhere knows more than I…

  1. I would say do more research in the area , find out who owned the land and what usto stand their besides the stone ? was their a house , a family dwelling? who erected it and why , if the news paper office their keeps back issues you may be able to find out more , these are now days kept on microfilm… would make for a interesting investigation ….

    1. Thank you for your suggestions Alma – the stone is situated in a rural setting in a hedge, so all that’s been there is the stone, the burial ‘mound’ the fields and the lane… The area is, however, rather interesting and I’m sure someone must have some local knowledge, so the next time I’m down there, I shall be knocking on some doors… If I can find any! Looking at the map, there’s two farms near by.

      I have contacted the Daily Post in the past; I shall try again thought. Maybe this time I’ll get a reply lol

      In the mean time, the stone seems to be quite the mystery 😉

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