All Hallows 2014


For me, this time of year has always been about ‘those that came before me’ as well as a time for divination; the apple peel thrown over the left shoulder was always a childhood favourite. The problem was not which was the left shoulder, nor the danger of a sharp knife in a childs hand (knife skills came to me early, as I owned a penknife long before a pen) but the peeling of one long strip of apple peel, from stalk to faded bloom! Still, I practised allot before I got it right, and then it was never on the right night! But when I did, at the time of my Bloom into adulthood, (was that an M or an S?) it was not the letter I wanted! A lesson, early on taught me that it’s often not what we want that does us best…

As to those who came before me, as the years roll on, they are with me more and more… those grey shades I saw that moonlit night, rising up from the field and walking towards we two, now have names and stories rediscovered to give a sense of belonging to the land I love and know so well.

This year, the year I turned to greet my 60th decade, I found my Irish ancestry.

It would seem I am an 1/8th Irish, perhaps this is were my love of spinning and weaving comes from, for the family lived in the north of Ireland, famed for it’s linen.

This then, means more to me this year than it has before – as I now know it speaks to the Irish Blood in me and calls on them, those who went before from the beautiful Emerald Isle.

I remember you,
my beloved many,
Who’s names I know and who’s names have long gone unspoken,
I remember you,
Your breath I breathe,
Your body and blood has mingled with the sacred soil,
I remember you.

Traditional Irish poem.


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