The Glyn Ceiriog Charm.


Charms, amulets and so on are well know to have been put into old houses in the far distant past, as guards against malefic witchcraft, demon spirits and general bad luck.

They take all kinds of forms, from the written word, to clothes, to shoes and even mummified cats! To the curious they are weird relics of the past, but to folk of our ilk they are little gems, containing nuggets of information and if one is sensitive to these things, they contain a trace of something; someone lingering on.

Always they are best left to do what they do best; what they were intended to do, and it is best to put them back exactly were they came from if possible. If not then somewhere close – preferably with a few heart felt words of apology!

One such instance is the Glyn Ceiriog charm, found in 1930 at Gelli Bach farm house up in the Nantyr, above the village.  The charm, written on a square of paper is now held in the National Library of Wales, were experts think it dates from roughly 1800. It seem to be warding the perimeter of the farm land against witchcraft, as well as the farm animals and the owner of the farm at the time; one H. L. Hughes. The charm calls on “…the virtue of his Holy Name Immanuel (sic) to sanctify unto myself the circumference of one mile…” then references, by name notably the four points of the compass around the farm. The whole is “sealed” by the Star of David.

What is interesting about this, is the resulting fire, all be it, some 40 odd years later that occurs at the farm, recorded here. Proof, perhaps, that such charms really do need to be left well alone.

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