The Freezer Spell.

The day was dull, with a damp chill in the air; still I drove on, hoping that by the time I got the the area, the sun might have come out… no such luck! The closer to the vale of Llangollen I got, the lower the clouds seemed. In the distance, even Dinas Bran had his hat on, as the local Welsh say, when the tops of hills and mountains cannot quite be seen because of low cloud.


No trip up the Nantyr for me then! I had hoped the weather would be clement enough for a few photo’s around the area of Gelli farm to illustrate a future blog post, to go with the one about the charm found there in 1930… no such luck today; my journey continued on.

Familiar roads, changed over the years by speed restrictions, improvements and so on, set my thoughts on days gone by; of lock-ins at the Bryn Howell; of the nights out spent in the Sun-Trevor, the laughter shared between good friends – happy days, and not so happy days…

The time four of us climbed the steep path up to Dinas Bran (or Crow Castle as the English call it) to cut the ties with others who’d done us wrong; to send out a shout, not a curse, of no more…

The bone chilling wind at the summit – how foolish we were to be surprised it had snowed up there… a virgin white carpet for us to walk over to our chosen points of the compass… how we raised our faces to the winds, so cold we could hardly move our jaws to form the words we wished to say; how the winds caught those words; how the steel of the bade flashed in the moonlight, dazzling us with it’s ice like scar in the Unseen… the raw, achingly beautiful, moment when it was done, and we all felt the fetters fall away, the thorn in our side gone.

We four; never to work together again… it was never needed.

Ice cold; the work was done!

Ice cold…

Years later, someone mentioned ‘The Freezer Spell’ and curiosity got the better of me and I asked, “What’s that when it’s at home….?”

Turns out TFS was akin to working up Dinas Bran that night; you freeze a person/thing into in-action! The beauty of it, it does them no harm, just renders them well… frozen; unable to act…

I had to try it… so, I asked how, what, where, when, etc expecting a long complicated version, which might have mentioned dry ice… and other chilling things!

I was told it was easy. You simply put the person, or the action, habit what ever you wanted to stop on a piece of paper (i.e. write it down) and throw it in the bottom of the freezer… along with your frozen peas and forgotten TV dinners!


No moon phases?


No, er particular day of the week?


Oh… ok.

So I tried it… bam in went the paper with a few hastily scribbled words; I had no cravings for chocolate that week… nor the week after, in fact I lost the taste altogether…

So… I slamed in another spell; and guess what – that worked too.

I was hooked!

Me being me, refined the basics… cold means  frost – can’t collect frost, but you can snow… yes, it melts, but you can freeze the water (see where I’m going…) into ice cubes and then add the cubes to a bag with a charm or sigil in it to stop an action, person, habit etc – I distill the snow water; essence of snow ( 😉 ) and I can use that, a drop or three at a time to further action… or rather freeze unwanted action.

Now for the big one; I make it no secret I suffer from insomnia – have done all my life, and it’s at it’s peek during the new moon week; come the new moon I now make a charm and slam it in the freezer till the following week … so far so good. I’m sleeping well during the period I normally wake two or three times a night. It’s been three months now too and Im hopeful… it works like, er… a charm! Here

I’m a convert… TFS works and it works well… whether it works on politicians though…. we will have to wait and see 😉

Try it – start off simple, and refine the process as you go.


11 thoughts on “The Freezer Spell.

  1. Freezer spells are one of my staple practices for stopping someone or something from harming me. I have a variation were I put the namepaper and personal links in a little jar filled with vinegar, cayenne and sulphur and then place the jar in the freezer, treating it like the person, telling it that I am freezing him/her out of my life and will not hesitate to sour up his or her life if the person resists (in which case I take the jar out to thaw)… It’s a combination of two Hoodoo spells with an “chill out or else! “-effect…

  2. Fascinating, never heard of this one. If it works on your chocolate habit I wonder if it would work on certain thought-habits of mine that I would be better off without. I shall experiment.

  3. So can you please explain to me why mine didn’t work? My daughter and I are being harassed by her father – he does everything he can to make our lives hell. I even used a piece of paper HE had written his name on, sealed the container with wax and aluminum foil shiny side in…and two days later he’s still at it, stronger than ever. What did I do wrong?

    1. First I’d like to extend you my commiserations; you sound as if the situation you are in is extremely difficult – I sincerely hope you have involved the authorities?

      As to what you did wrong… magic takes time; the fastest track is fire – the freezer is usually quick but not as fast as fire.

      Can I ask if you left air in the container when you popped it in the freezer Juliana?

      Btw – I’m sorry for the delay in my reply; I’ve been away for a while. I do hope the situation has eased some by now?

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