Winter Solstice Walk Moel Ty Uchaf Stone Circle Sunday 21 December

So many times I see people online moan about the lack of community, and/or what they can do on the Winter Solstice.

For a good few years now, I have climbed up to the highest point I can find in the landscape (weather permitting!) to either/and/or watch the sun set the night before the solstice, and then rising early to watch it too rise up over the land; reborn again…

Old lore says that those who do this, gain a certain something – it’s certainly true that the experiences are never forgotten; even the one’s that don’t quite go to plan… ūüėČ

So after my sunrise vigil, this year I’ll be going over to Wales, to meet up with this lot and walk up to a stone circle ūüôā

If you, Dear Reader, are in the area why not join us? ūüôā

Dee Valley Archaeology

One of our favourite places ,high above  the beautiful landscape of the Dee Valley is the stone Circle  Moel Ty Uchaf.  Meet at Hendwr Bridge at 11.30 . Suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is essential.

OS reference :SJ 05613717.    The circle consists of 41 surviving stones and is around 12 meters across.

CADVAS  Moel ty Uchaf1CADVAS Walk to Moel Ty Uchaf

CADVAS Walk to Moel Ty Uchaf

Moel Ty Uchaf  is thought to date to the Bronze Age . It is presumed that the monument was the focus for  significant ceremonial and ritual  activity . Lack of evidence from any excavations on the monument hamper further analysis , however the surrounding landscape reveals possible funerary monuments in the form of at least two cairns and at least four possible cists. A platform is clearly identifiable down slope  south of the stone circle

Platform Cairn near Moel Ty Uchaf Platform Cairn near Moel Ty Uchaf

The raised , circular platform cairn  identifiable as belonging to the Bronze Age . It…

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