The River Dee – Thoughts on Aerfen Part One

As you will know, Dear Reader, the Romans equated Minerva with this Goddess and built a shrine to her on the banks of the Dee at Deva/Chester which is still in-situ … and visited by your’s truly on a regular basis.

Hence this re-bogged post is very valuable info; I having traced the Dee to her source, as well as the quaint folk lore that her waters didn’t mingle with those of Llyn Tepid/Bala Lake, but flowed straight through, remaining pure (and untainted?) on course for the estuary at the Wirral.

Dee Valley Archaeology

River Dee near Carrog River Dee near Carrog

Water Deities haven’t lost their power over us .

Along  the Dee Valley this is especially true , one of the goddesses strongly associated with the River Dee is Aerfen who is said to have had a shrine or grove near Glyndyfrdwy  . The River Dee was occasionally known as Aerfen in Middle Welsh. Today nothing remains to indicate where or what this shrine was . It’s reasonable to suggest that the shrine was a ‘grove’ on the bank of the river or in a wooded area near it .

If Aeron , as some have suggested  is a version of  name Aeron the war goddess which derives from  from Agrona a  Goddess of Slaughter then the link to  war and sacrifice is more easily explained

Ian Pegler in his work Valle Crucis and the Sunline suggests that Aefen’s shrine was near to the sunline and this is of symbolic significance for the…

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