A Midwinter Ritual.

Holm sunset

It might sound a simple thing to do, but this observation has existed since ancient times.

Choose that which you wish to do, you may of course, wish to watch sunrise and sunset over several days. Though I speak of the dawn, some things will also apply to the sunset.

To rise before dawn to see the sun rise, you will need to prepare.


Check times of the dawn in your location as it will differ, of course, depending on where you live.


Marking the spots where the sun rises and sets will bring you into the flow of the time and seasons, and thus align you with the ebb and flow of life and death, bringing you close to those who’ve not only gone before you, but those who mark things this way as well.

Rituals outside may or may not be accompanied by ritual grab, actions, and tools – again, use that which you want; or not … the over riding theme of every ritual is the magical mystery which accompanies it. Some find ritual tools are a hinderance at times. Others that they add to it. Each to their own, but, I do suggest a simple offering, with a prayer of your own making either from the heart, read, or recited from memory. That is up to you to perform, only if you wish, as you give your offering or pour your libation.

Simple observations are often the best.


Meditate on them – even draw, paint or photograph them.


The rewards will be many.

Runcorn Bridge

Depending on where you live, choose a place that draws you – some will watch the sun rise over the sea, from the beach; or over a river,lake or stream. Some will go to a mountain top, other’s to a sacred site, stone circle or standing stone; a castle, a park or simply stay at home.

Winter Solstice 2006

Do not worry it you don’t yet have a place to go.


Where ever this is, if you start today you will have plenty of time to find that place that speaks to you – where you feel comfortable, assured and at home.


Make sure, where ever your special place is, that you can see the horizon.


It is the first rays of the sun on the solstice morning, that liminal place, at that liminal time that is when the magic starts happen!

Orkney sunset


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