Hidden in plain sight!

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!” Annon.

I have found that often, certain things are hidden in plain sight, as if the folk of yesteryear, left clues for us to follow.

The Green Man often graces many a church.


Even the owl, a classical symbol of wisdom the ancients was still used.


Could this be a Woodwoose?


 Are these just pretty flowers or is there an unspoken meaning behind them?


 A King but who? Powys had many could this be one?SS851015 SS851016

These rather poor images above are of roof bosses in St Aelhaiarn’s Church, Guilsfield, Powys.

The one’s below are of the font there.SS851017

The figures, around the font are of interest.


A horned head? Or the saints eyebrows?SS851019 SS851020 SS851021

Around the Church it’s self grow twenty two yews.

The retaining wall is raised and circular, suggesting this could have been a pagan site, of either a henge, or stone circle.

Photo copyright under Creative Commons ~ Jennifer Luther Thomas
Photo copyright under Creative Commons ~ Jennifer Luther Thomas

St Aelhaiarn’s feast day is November 1st.

The clues are there, for those with the eye’s to see… or perhaps for those who look beyond the veil?

In times gone by, much of the congregation would have been illiterate; pre-reformation, Churches were highly decorated with paintings showing biblical scenes. In these modern times, we see very little of these frescos, but what is left can be most interesting. IF the observer truly opens their eyes. So what if this IS a Christian site now? The fact that it is still a place of worship, matters little in the grand scheme of things. Much can be seem here, I think, of the religion it replaced. Just how that religion took form we do not know; we know it existed though, but there is no un-broken thread from pre-Christian days to the present… only clues.

With that in mind, it might be time to look at Churches in a different light, remembering:

  • Obfuscation comes in many forms. Sweep it away and what is left, is the truth, no matter how improbable!
  • Look at things with a different perspective and those who have gone before us, speak, sometimes with pagan symbols.
  • Nothing is ever forgotten.
  • Question everything and everyone; only the ignorant are afraid of asking questions… the answers are out there!
  • Seek out these little gems of information, and a different understanding will blossom like flowers in the spring.SS851007

3 thoughts on “Hidden in plain sight!

  1. This reminds me of very similar clues to the past that remain in our parish church – including the feast day near old Beltane, evocative carvings on the rood screen and yes, an oval raised churchyard! Fortunately due to a road widening scheme some years ago, the Cornwall Archeological Unit were able to jump in and excavate the churchyard – they found the remains of an Iron Age/Romano-British enclosure.

    The actual church’s history was intriguing as well and included excommunications and exorcisms! 🙂

    1. The Cathederal, here in Chester is dedicated to St Werburgh. She resurrected a goose from its bones… It was one of her flock that was accidentally killed and eaten, by a Bishop I think… One to delve deeper into I think!

      It is amazing how much is out there… If only we look.

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