The American Council of Witches plagiarised me, and others.

Today (Sunday 1st March 2015) the much talked about American Council of Witches launched their website. Reading their FAQs  I quickly found that I had been plagiarised! They had taken my questions from their FB group with out asking me and yes, I did check my Other Inbox with a modicum of false expectation… nothing!

They also used questions asked on their FB group by several other members.

There is an old saying: actions speak louder than words.

Trust has been broken.

My emotions have run from anger to tears; from disbelief to rage; I lost a whole day due to this theft – because it is theft, there is no doubt about that.

I was not the only one either, others had their questions copied and pasted from the FB group to the website.

Thankfully, a member of that group, not note someone sitting actually on the council – no a member of the group picked up what I was saying and knew it was wrong. Grateful thanks to him. He contacted the admins of the group (who as far as I can see [as no one answers on the councils board any questions on that group to date] do sit of the council board) and the FAQs page was taken down.

End of… well, not quite. The usual happened – I and the others who had spoken up about this issue were harassed by other members! *sigh… and it rumbled on into the night long after I had retired to bed for the night.

These are some of the screen caps to prove what I say is true:-

The FB group
IMG_5115 FB group
FB group
IMG_5113 ACoW website FAQs page.
ACoW website FAQs page.
ACoW website FAQs page.
FB group

10 thoughts on “The American Council of Witches plagiarised me, and others.

  1. I’d decided to basically write them off yesterday. Their website was hastily done to the point of nearly being non-functional. From a design perspective, it was very well done. But that’s pretty much it. I don’t like secrets, I don’t like that they were legitimately acting as gatekeepers to the “Discussion” they were holding. People who had publicly questioned them, well, the majority of us were denied membership to the Facebook group. Can we say egotism?

  2. Also, the website Archive Today is a great resource. Copy and paste URL addresses into the bar, and it’ll archive the page for you with a unique web address. Each time you do it (even for the same website) it will give a unique address. Much easier than screencaps.

    1. Ah thank you for that URL and your replies – I know allot of people are up in arms about all of this council thing; I was an impartial observer UNTIL they plagiarised me… my option of them is not good, based on my experience – will they turn this thing around? That will be up to the Gods and the witches of all ilk in the US.



  3. I had done my best to reserve my own personal opinion until today, to give me time to absorb the information on their website, FB page, and I had hoped their FB Group as well. Unfortunately, I called foul publicly, and when I hit join, I got the denied hammer so I became limited to what was publicly available. The fact that they deleted a post that had 49 comments, 80% of which were asking questions and wanting answers, then later straight up demanding answers, was deleted overnight… that rubbed me the wrong way. Their continued avoidance of issues and reluctance to answer anything in a straightforward manner is a very poor way to get support of a community you are claiming to want to be a part of.

    1. I must admit I missed that – I find it very annoying, not to say suspicious when posts are deleted – there is something honest about being transparent, which they clearly are not based on my experience.

      1. I agree. I had listened in on a podcast (not the United Pagan Radio where they had done the only live interview to date) where ACoW was the main topic of dicussion. Other members in the chatroom portion mentioned having their comments deleted. I’d archvied the page the day before, and then when I saw it the next day, archived it again to share with others I’m just sorry I hadn’t gotten the full post with the questions attached to it. Just the main FB page.

  4. Lesley I would like to share your blog post on air today with my radio show. I simply what others to be able to hear your voice on this topic. If you don’t wish for me to share things like your name or quote parts of the post you made please let me know.

    I can also send you in writing the things I would like to point out on air. It won’t be long just something the listeners can go to and read for themselves. Thank you so much for your time.

    Lady Destiny )O(

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