Flex those creative muscles; it’s Bliss…!

Inspiration comes in many forms; recently I joined an online ‘class’ for just that…

Bliss is Isabelle Gaborit’s ‘baby’… an online (free) course, that looks to exercise those creative muscles we all have – the ethos is… we can all be creative; yes… each one of us… and the more we flex those creative muscles the more skilled we become…

Lets look at that word for a moment …

c r e a t i v e

… and now this one…

s k i l l

But! Do I hear you say, you have to be an artist to paint! I can’t draw so how can I be creative…. well, (chuckle) lets look at how we can stretch, flex and hone that creative muscle of ours… because we all have our own unique talent hiding in us somewhere. All we need is some inspiration…

i n s p i r a t i o n

That is where the ‘Bliss-20 weeks mixed media Art Journal challenge ‘ comes in:

“Do you doodle?
Do you write?
Do you draw or paint?
Do you like mixed media, collage and scrapbooking?
Do you do none of these but wish to give it a go anyway?
This might be the project for you….”

I took the plunge, knowing that I do have an artistic bent – knowing also that I have a huge block around it:

As a teenager my art mistress would say to me (and I quote):

“Never have I seen a girl with such talent…. WASTED!” 

She would then proceed to mark my work with the top mark in the class….

She made me feel immensely proud one moment and then belittle me in the next… needless to say, I came to connect any sort of praise with mixed feelings, and after a while stopped trying – this resulted in her increasing the exercise which made me give up. I still left school with the top mark in my examinations, despite all her efforts to reduce me into a gibbering wreck, but afterwards… nothing I did, artistically after that was good enough for me either… and I gave up drawing, painting and generally being creative in any way at all!

All because of her…

Years passed, and yes, I did put pencil to paper, but knew I had this block about nothing being good enough… I won’t bore you with the long drawn out story – but I will say I tried to go through that brick wall, instead of just walking around it! Yes, it happened with out any effort in the end – I saw something I wanted to draw, and as I’d been doing a lot of personal work with my non-dominat hand, I picked up my pencil and drew… not with my normal hand mind… oh no, subconsciously the pencil was in my left hand… and I drew very well with it too 🙂 and since then have done many more non-dominant hand drawings.

Block sorted!

Well, no not quite…

It creeps up on me when I least expect it, but at least I can now see the little bugger out of the corner of my eye…!

Mixed-media – heheh – never did that in school so there is no association with being praised/scolded/praised! 😀

I took to it like a duck to water and pretty soon that creative muscle was heading for Arnie status it was getting that big!

Soon it became clear I simply had to make some imagery for Hekate – it was a case of having to, as it was bursting out of me – what follows is a small section of images I created based on the first figure; one that I drew digitally and expanded on – its an ongoing series inspired by the Bliss challenge but birthed from Hekate’s influences in my life (another challenge… )

I hope you enjoy them, and feel inspired to head over to the Bliss website and join up yourself 🙂

Hekate: digiart ©Cymraes2015
Hekate: digital drawing edited in Camera+
Hekate's Children. Mixed Media ©Cymraes2015
Hekate’s Children: mixed media
Hekate Mother of many Gods ©Cymraes2015
Hekate Mother of many Gods. Mixed Media ©Cymraes2015
Hekate: Mother of many Gods - cropped version. ©Cymraes2015.
Hekate: Mother of many Gods – cropped version. ©Cymraes2015.
Hekate book mark. ©Cymraes2015
Hekate book mark 🙂
Hekate: mixed media 4x4 canvas. ©Cymraes2015
Hekate: mixed media 4×4 canvas.
WIP: Hekate: within ~ without. ©Cymraes2015
WIP: Hekate: within ~ without. Mixed media.
Hekate: hidden faces. Mixed Media. ©Cymraes2015
Hekate: hidden faces. Mixed Media.

So flex them muscles – it is really… quite Bliss-full …


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