Witchy Hint and Tips; living flame.

Inspired by a Seeker asking that question about using those battery ‘candles’ has inspired this post ~ what follows is a little rant then some sound advice ~ if you wish to skip the former then do so and skip to the latter… but, you might miss something, or find yourself even agreeing with me…



A POX on the person who thought up those awful fake candles! Why would they do such a thing ~ oh! Elf and Snaftey! 

This little blog post is about why they have no place in Witchcraft.

If that’s too hard to deal with then look at the pretty pictures

All my own photo’s too, so don’t even think about downloading them to your HD without asking!

There’s a curse on who ever uses my copyright since the last fiasco!


Hag Stone from the River Morda from the personal collection of the author.
Hag Stone from the River Morda from the personal collection of the author.

In Witchcraft a living flame is used as it can be seen by the Other from beyond the veil.

Ole Prometheus stole fire from the Gods ~ he walked into the West and nicked it from under their noses ~ what does that say to you? That fire is sacred? It does to me ~ now tell me what is sacred about a battery stuck into something plastic that looks like a candle?

(OK maybe I was wrong about the rant ~ looks like this whole post could/will be a rant (and in a good cause too))


hekate ritual


There is nothing more sacred than fire.

Without it, we humans would be left wanting. Generations of evolution would not ~ could not, have happened.

Lets honour the sacredness of the living flame ~ lets NOT use battery powered fake candles in our rituals or spell working.

To do so, is, imho, dishonourable, not only to the Gods, but to our Ancestors as well.

Keep the living flame burning; say no to LED battery operated Candles!


Please share if you agree.


3 thoughts on “Witchy Hint and Tips; living flame.

  1. I think it insults the spirit of fire to use a false flame – just my opinion, but there is power in each element and respect due to each. How can you access the power within the sacred fire if there is not sacred fire???? Aren’t we all about the natural world anyway?? I’m not even sure what the Ancient Ones would make of a flameless candle.

    1. I had not thought about such an insult until now, and yes, you are quite right! It IS insulting to them – shall we remind others of this when the case arises? 🙂

  2. I think you are right – we do our community a disservice if we don’t. You are a natural teacher, and I am very grateful each time one of the teachers in my life guided my feet back on the path. It’s obvious you do it with love, and how can that be wrong??

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