Sigilization: the Jackson method of reduction sigils.



Sigilization was one of the techniques of Austin Osman Spare, who is generally credited with the popularization of the method.

I was inspired to using this technique several years ago, while reading Libre Noctis. I recognised the basics as I’d used something similar while in school, to divine the outcome of future relationships of friends who, of course, being school girls, had crushes on certain boys! So I decided to give it a whirl, and was not disappointed with the results! 🙂

Hopefully, you will also find the technique useful, dear Reader, and be inspired to use Sigilization with some success, as I did.

For me, this is my own preferred technique, which has been coined by my friend Daniel Bran Griffiths aka The Chattering Magpie, as the Jackson Method!

But first a few basic reminders for those who are new to this…

  • Work with the moons phases – waxing to full will draw something towards you; waning to dark, will send something from you.
  • Work with the days of the week, for particular needs – Friday and Venus for love or Saturday and Saturn for boundaries, or for your Ancestors blessings and so on.
  • Work within a circle, if need be, or not depending on your personal praxis and preference.
  • Gather all you think you’ll need before you work and try to work with out interruptions; switch off TV’s, radio’s, phone’s etc.
  • © Cymraes 2015
    © Cymraes 2015
  • Compose the wording, from your heart with intent.
  • Having written out your sentence, reduce by removing the repeating letters thus:

“Let the winter winds blow soft upon the land.”

Becomes: L e t  t h e  w i n t e R w i n d s  B l o w  s o F t  U P o n  t h e  l n d

  • Take the letters NOT crossed out (therefore the letters that don’t repeat): H R B F U P A D and arrange them in a pleasing form – I say ‘pleasing’ as it’s an important thing to consider; juggle the letters about until you find a form, that speaks to you and keep going until one does!
  • Chant your intent as you create the final sigil; this will greatly empower it, but is not required.



As you can see above, there are more than a few options available! But when you’ve drawn the sigil that’s most pleasing to you, then take a piece of paper and consecrate it accordingly and with a pen and ink, (also consecrated) draw out the sigil carefully, chanting the phrase you’ve created it from as you do so. See your will, burn into each stroke of the pen; fill the sigil with your intent; and when you have finished charge the sigil with energy raised in which ever way you do it.

Now you’ve created it, charged it with your will, your intent, empowered it, what do you do with it? Well, depending on the desired outcome, there are several thing you could do.

If it were a money spell, carry it in your wallet or purse, or keep it in your change pot, with your lottery ticket or with your bank details.

If it were an affirmation, to, say loose weight – keep it on the fridge door.

If it were needed to happen quickly, setting it under a candle to further energise it, and then burning it in the last of the flame would be an idea.

If it were to happen slowly, over some time, then burying it in the ground where it can slowly rot away undisturbed, is an idea.

If it is of an emotional matter, say love, then casting it into running water is an idea.

What ever the reason is behind creating your sigil, be creative, not just with it’s creation, but with it’s destruction too – how you dispose of it, will release the magic it contains – even if you keep it, the magic within it will be released.

So, if it’s a quick result you need, burn it – if not then either keep it to influence, or bury it to rot away slowly. Consider also, the element your need belongs to. You could further add astrological correspondences, choosing the appropriate day of the week, and planetary hour for your need.

In short, the more layers of magic you add, the more poky and powerful the end result will be 🙂

Here are some I created and have used:

Exposing a Fraud.

This was created to expose a fraud for the person she really was; it had a dual purpose, as she was stalking a small group of friends who just happened to be exposing her for the fake she was ~ her retaliation was shocking! While we battled online, it was decided (and confirmed via divination) that magically means should also be included. On my part I made this, calling on Hekate to protect us, and reveal the Fraud for people to see her as she really was…


Below is the same sigil, but digitally edited for online use. We shared this around online, and slowly it worked, gathering speed as others saw it ~ it is still empowered for this particular person, making her transparent – which is very important, as her target audience are coerced into spending their money on her ‘products’ – in short, she is the worst kind of scam artist out there, preying on the vulnerable and changing names like you and I change our underwear…


The Witchblood Sigil.

Created for a friends FB group  I was amazed to find this sigil was more than just a wonky drawing… even though the repeating letters were removed (in this case the letter ‘O’) ALL the letters appear… The ‘O’ is made up from the conjunction of the ‘C’ and ‘H’ + ‘B’… which also combine into the ‘W’ – see if you can find the other letters – they are there…

WB sigil017The sigil is also similar to the Orb carried by the Queen and paired with the Sceptre – both symbols of her, and other Monarchs, sovereignty, used as part of the Coronation regalia.

In a strange twist, the symbolism of the Royal Orb is that of the ‘Defender of the Faith’, a title originally given to Henry VII by the Pope, before the great fall out over the Kings divorce!

The origin, is Pagan. It dates back to the Roman times apparently, as a symbol of the cosmos later adopted by the Christians, who set the cross on the top. As we know, much was hidden in plain sight as the Western world slowly converted to Christianity – this being but one…


Combining art and sigils

Below are ‘arty sigils’ that I played about with ~ one contains glyphs for the constellation of the Plough – other’s simply ‘asked’ to be drawn this way – which leads me to mention about ‘listening’ to your sigil… sometimes, after you have created them, at others during – they may ask you to do something with them… this is an advanced technique, so if you are not especially psychic or experienced this may not happen, but if it does… then listen to them.

The first sigil above asked to be digitalised and put online; there it could do it’s work… how? In a visual manner. If I’d kept it or burnt it – it would have been destroyed – given up to the Gods yes, but out of sight is out of mind…

Develop an awareness when working with these sigils – often they will show you how, when and where to use them

Be open to the possibility… and as with all things, experiment until you find your own method of working with them 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sigilization: the Jackson method of reduction sigils.

  1. How do you count “doubles”? In your phrase “May the winter winds blow soft upon the land”, I see both the “t” and the “d” as repeat letters; yet you used them in the sigil. Color me confused…

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