Enough, is enough!

Gods damn the Tory party, we, the people of the UK have had enough of their policies; people are dying because of the austerity forced upon them by the rich fat cats who run our country!


Enough, is enough… let the Tory party crumble.


Those of you who would like to use this sigil, please ask in the comments. I trust you will be creative with it. (But, don’t forget the copyright curse here is active.)

There’s a little chaos in all of us, and channeling that into this, will increase it’s effect – though I’d be egotistical in thinking we could bring the whole thing come crashing down, the Tower is toppling… cracks are appearing; lets give that a boost … a helping hand.

So let this be!


6 thoughts on “Enough, is enough!

    1. It’s specifically for the UK lot – but – you can create your own sigil; nothing to stop you doing that and lets face it, Trump cannot, in any way, become President of your country… can he?

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