Pray to the Moon; honour her by her many names.


“Come to me, O Beloved mistress,

Three-faced Selene; kindly hear my secret chants;

Night’s ornament, young, bringing light to mortals,

O child of the morn who ride upon fierce bulls,

O Queen who drive your car on equal course

With Helios, who with triple forms

Of triple Graces dance in revel with the stars.

You’re Justice and the Moira’s threads:

Klotho and Lachesis and Atropos!

Three-headed, you’re Persephone, Megaira,

Allekto, many-formed, who arm your hands

With dreaded, murky lamps, who shake your locks

Of fearful serpents on your brow, who sound

The roar of bulls out from your mouths, whose womb

Is decked out with the scales of creeping things,

With pois’nous rows of serpents down the back,

Bound down your backs with horrifying chains

Night-Crier, bull faced, loving solitude,

Bull-headed, you have the eyes of bulls, the voice

Of dogs; you hide your forms in shanks of lions,

Your ankle is wolf-shaped, fierce dogs are dear

To you, wherefore they call you Hekate,

Many-named, Mene, cleaving air just like

Dart-shooter Artemis, Persephone,

Shooter of deer, night shinning, triple-sounding,

Triple-headed, triple-voiced Selene

Triple-pointed, triple-faced, triple-necked,

And goddess of the triple ways, who hold

Untiring flaming fire in triple baskets

And you who oft frequent the triple way

And rule the triple decades, unto me

Who’m calling you be gracious and with kindness

At night, before whom daimons quake in fear

And gods immortal tremble, goddess who

Exalt men, you of many names, who bear

Fair offspring, bull eyed, horned, mother of gods

And men, and Nature, Mother of all things,

For you frequent Olympus, and the broad

And boundless chasm you traverse. Beginning

And end are you, and you alone rule all.

For all things are from you, and in you do

All things, Eternal one, come to their end.

As everlasting band around your temples

You wear great Kronos’ chains, unbreakable

And unremovable, and you hold in

Your hands a golden sceptre. Letters ’round

Your sceptre Kronos wrote himself and gave

To you to wear that all things stay steadfast:

Subduer and subdued, mankind subduer,

And force-subduer; Chaos, too, you rule.


Hail, goddess, and attend your epithets,

I burn for you this spice, O child of Zeus,

Dart-shooter, heav’nly one, goddess of harbours,

Who roam the mountains, goddess of crossroads,

O nether and nocturnal, and infernal,

Goddess of dark, quiet and frightful one,

O you who have your meal amid the graves,

Night, Darkness, broad Chaos: Necessity

Hard to escape are you; you’re Moira and

Erinyes, torment, Justice and Destroyer,

And you keep Kerberos in chains, with scales

Of serpents, serpent-girded, who drank blood,

Who bring death and destruction, and who feast 

On hearts, flesh eater, who devour those dead

Untimely, and you who make grief resound

And spread madness, come to my sacrifices,

And now for me do you fulfil this matter.”

Source: PGM IV 2785-2870

The above prayer is from the Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, (inc the Demotic spells; edited by Hans Dieter Betz) more commonly known as the PGM – which is a mine of information for the discerning Witch.

PGM IV 2874 to 2890 deals with the suitable offerings and a protective charm for the rite.

The offerings are of sweet perfumes – storax, myrrh, sage (not white…!), frankincense and a fruit pip, though it does not say which fruit – these are to be used if the rite is for ‘doing good’; if not, then something more baneful is needed…. “[…] offer magical / material of a dog and a dappled goat.” I will leave the readers imagination to run wild at what this ‘magical material’ might be… the entry does go on to mention an alternative, “[…] in a similar way, of a virgin untimely dead.”!

The protective charm, which I assume is to be worn, over the heart as usual, and maybe also useful for Selene to know the person calling her is of a serious nature; it’s made from a lodestone, upon which a three faced Hekate has been carved; the face of Her-Herself, is to be looking outwards, wearing horns; the head of a dog to the left, the head of a goat to the right. The whole is then cleaned with natron (salt) and water, then dipped in the blood of “one who has died a violent death.” … Perhaps the blood from a nice steak would suffice? Or a drop from your own finger? An offering of food is then made to the charm, usually bread and fruit in season.

The translation then goes on to instruct “[…] and say the same spell at the time of the rite.” with a footnote leading to another incantation to Helios to be said over the charm. If you have a copy of the PGM, I’ll leave you look that one up.

What interests me, are the numerous names for the Moon; lets call on her by all her known names to make sure she’s listening to us – names, as we all know, like words, have power – the older the name, the more the power? I’d say yes, as many have called on this name in the past… but what if it’s an unknown name, lost in some ancient hieroglyph covered stone tablet?

Hands up who noticed an unknown name in the above? Did you shrug, and move on? Or did you stop, and look it up? Do you do your own research, or expect to be spoon fed by others? Or perhaps a bit of both? Don’t get me wrong; inspiration comes in many forms, many, many forms, why else do we have creative peoples who’s works speak to us on a deep Soul level, if not to inspire us? Selene or what ever other name you know her by, is the source of inspiration, urging us to find our artistic, poetic voice, from deep within us – she leads us through the dark to find that beautiful star, shinning forth, in dazzling brilliance, that leads to that realisation; the one that resonated with our Soul, birthing forth our own gnosis, which calls to our deep memories, held within our own blood; our own DNA.

We have to do the work to benefit from it – no good relying on others to do it for you – how many are the books I’ve read, over the years, with notes scribbled in the margins, and pages marked while I run off and look a certain something up – something that has hit that inner bell, who’s chime vibrates annoyingly loud until the answer is found! Sometimes, the answer takes years to reveal it’s self. When you have it, if it fits in with your ethos, apply it to your praxis, being creative with your adaptation… for example – one of the names above hit that chord with me, as if She had taken up the hammer Herself… oh so much lies in that name which I can, if I should so wish, use… and shall, if needs be.

Thus the Path we walk is long and crooked.


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