Wake up…

Warm lips upon his cheek; red, the colour of blood… she whispered something he did not quite hear, so turned slightly to put his ear closer to her lips… but she laughed and rose up from his bed, leaving him half awake… shifting, he rose to see her sitting in the sunlight of the window seat, sewing. 

“What have you there, my Love, that needs the attention of your nimble fingers so early this morn?”

“Why, ’tis the Cocks-comb my sweet…”

He stared, perplexed at her reply…

“Look… ’tis so bright!” Her hands made to hold up her stitching… 

He woke, in darkness from the deep slumber to hear the cock crow, heralding the dawn!

Rising from his warm bed, urged on by his dream, he went to the window, and drew back the curtain… beyond, the land stretched out before him, mists rising from the river which crossed the land as if it were some silent primordial snake, slithering through the flat plain, winding its way onto the rolling distant hills.

The sun rose, scattering red hues and golden rays across the land – touching, as it grew higher, all before his gaze.

A movement caught his eye in the fields below, a Maid walked across the freshly turned earth, her hair loose, crowned with a garland of flowers… her gown a simple shift… a bag slung across her shoulders, her hand dipped into it, casts seeds onto the fertile earth – her movements, rhythmical, as if in time to some ancient beat…

As if she sensed his eyes upon her, she turned to meet his gaze… she did not miss a beat, but smiled and raised her arm to beckon him to her … her eyes bright but her lips so very red… 

…and the cock crowed…

He woke with a start, aware that this time he was really awake – the alarm heralding the day… he rose, and went about his morning ritual – washing and dressing while eating toast and drinking coffee, ready for the madness of the commute into the city.

While finishing his breakfast, looking out of his window, he saw a young woman walk past, her long hair loose, her walk in time to some ancient beat, and in that moment the sight of her broke his dream… and the Maid in the street turned to his gaze and her red lips parted in a secret smile.



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