Carmelite Water: A Herbal Tonic for Mind, Body and Soul

Well Dear Reader…. what can I say! 🙂 Spirituality AND tasty treats! This blog is too good to miss and here’s a small slice… (tipple included) to whet your appetite! Enjoy!

Picnic in Akeldama

I first heard about the herbal tonic called Carmelite Water 10 years ago. It was during either my postulancy or novitiate in the Order of the Discalced Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, also known as the Discalced Carmelites.

It was during one of our meal times that our prior, along with some of the older friars, shared memories of their younger days. There was much laughter when the subject of Karmelitengeist came up in conversation.

Karmelitengeist, which our prior swore would put hair on one’s chest, has been distilled by the Carmelites of Regensburg since 1721. Made from various herbs, the 75% alcohol spirit is used to treat a range of ailments from headaches to indigestion. Judging by the stories I heard at table that day, some novices also used it to lift their spirits.

Determined to find out more about the spirit, I hunted through…

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One thought on “Carmelite Water: A Herbal Tonic for Mind, Body and Soul

  1. I am not even sure if this is in any way related, but it reminded me of this:

    an English description has the following to say about it:

    Klosterfrau’s flagship product, this tonic based on 13 natural herbs has a firm place in almost every German household.

    Internal use: Effective against nervousness, states of tension and excitement, anxiety, difficulties in falling asleep, headaches, sensitivity to changing weather, non-organic heart ailments, painful menstrual cramps and during menopause, stomach-intestinal ailments like indigestion, fullness, no appetite. Alleviates symptoms of a cold or flu.

    Topical use: Painful nerves, pains after muscular exertion, lumbago, gingivitis, indisposition and exhaustion.

    Ingredients: lemon balm leaves, elecampane rhizomes, angelica root, ginger rhizomes, carnation bloom, black pepper fruits, gentian root, orange core, cinnamon-tree bark, senna blossom, cardamon fruits, galanga rhizomes

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