Dear Siobhan…

Dear Siobhan,

in your latest(1) attack (2) on me you said:

“I also have full contact information so if you have anything to say about me SAY it to my face you nasty web goblin!”

I would say it to your face but you have switched off comments on your blog – so here is my right to reply.

  • Can you prove your books were written by you, and you alone?
  • Can you prove that Andborough did not remove your book from publication?
  • Can you prove that you did not stalk harass and attack each and every one of us who helped to out you as a plagiarist, using multiple fake accounts none of which were in your real name until just recently?
  • Can you prove that you did never threaten legal action to anyone, from the author of DeBlog through to myself, and others across a period of ten years plus.
  • Can you prove that you never scammed anyone in your life?

Really, I’m sorry that this has caused you so much concern. Clearly, you are not well. You project your issues onto others, expecting them all to be as devious as you, apparently are. But it is you who is responsible for your own actions; no one else, and certainly not me, or any of the others you are harassing.

So I am asking you, nicely, to stop this madness – you, in your attempt to make me and the others who outed you as a plagiarist seem to be other the one’s at fault, are only revealing your true self.

Be kind to yourself.



Before you hurt yourself permanently.

By the way, comments here are open – so you do have the right to reply directly to this post. I can promise you, hand on heart, that if you do choose to reply here, it will be posted.

Update 26/10/2016: it has been noted that some posts on SMW blog have had commenting turned ‘On’ as of this morning. I have also had yet more of my content removed thanks to WordPress.

(1) WP removed the content due to a successful report by myself (see Screen Captures below) but Ms Whelan removed the post.

(2) After Ms Whelan removed the original post WP had taken down, she duplicated. She seems to think taking my content and personal information is the right thing to do; sadly, she is mistaken, which is why I have multiple successful reports against her.

Obviously her ability to know right from wrong is skewed, for some reason not known to us. However, the little band of friends who have come to be known as the Fluffy Bunnies and I see that she is not well. This is no excuse though. Especially when she has already shown she can and will spread lies, misinformation across the internet about us, including our private emails, addresses and other personal photo’s of family and friends.

These have all in the past been dealt by professionals, and I see no reasons to use her alleged illness as an excuse to stop reporting her now.

So Siobhan, honey, when you read this, please for your sake – get some professional help sweetheart. Seriously, you need to reach out to someone who can help you – I can’t do it for you sorry.

Be well.


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As someone said to me – you’d think a 5*psychic would have seen it coming eh? 😉

One last update for today:


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