Awakening The Primordial Flame Within

With gracious thanks to the one who bought this to the fore – the inspiration, the wisdom, here is great – matters not from whence it came, but that the inspiration fuels the Spirit and makes the Soul sing – as one who has always loved fire, I miss the banishment of modernity; a home without a living flame is a poorer place to be … stoke the fires – enflame the Witchblood – scry in the flames … for winter is upon us and once more it’s time to turn our attention to the inner spark, the flame of our soul, and fan the fires to keep them bright!


agni-spiritual-inner-fireFrom the ever-burning fire of the Zoroastrian temple to the Vedic Agni Hotra, the element of Fire is perhaps the greatest primordial image which transcends all cultural and religious boundaries.

Gathering around a fire during the night awakens atavistic memories hidden deep within the flesh and blood and opens doorways unto the Soul which connect us on levels beyond the limitations of mundane time / space. A guiding light in the deepest recesses of the night, the spirit of Fire protects and illuminates all spaces, religious or mundane, physical or metaphysical.

The elemental intelligence of fire, Agni, is one of the most important forces in Vedic esotericism and the foundation of the Vedic system of medicine, Ayurveda. One could easily say that Vedic gnosis and Ayurveda are literally systems of incendiary revelation, transformation, protection, and healing, “systems of Fire.”

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