Stalking and Harassment 2016 – II: the truth.

Here we are again, dear reader, having once more to point out the truth of the matter.

Accused once again, of something that did not happen – here I present some SCs which I wish to address.

Once again, I am exercising my right to reply as Whelan denies me the opportunity to do so by foul means. I will play fair though. She is welcome to leave a reply here. Even in another name, as she is oft want to do.

The Screen Captures from here


Image source:
Image source:


Image source:



The above SCs are just a small, minute example of what this woman is capable of – I will leave you to form your own opinions, by presenting you with my defence proving, to begin with that it was not me who started this current episode of stalking and harassment – it was indeed Whelan.


By presenting evidence.

Exhibit A.


The above SCs are of three ‘ping-backs’ I was notified about on October 14th 2016

What is a ping-back?

It’s a handy little bit of software that lets you know when someone else links directly to your blog from their’s. It’s quite normal and many blogs do it to inform their readers of sources, or sites that might be helpful, fun to read etc.

However – I was alarmed to see the site they were linked to; it had been many years since Whelan had had any contact – she seemed quite happy in her new world without us. That was a positive thing. Life was peaceful, without the constant barrage of lies and bitterness aimed at us.

I was right to be alarmed.

It has not stopped since that day nearly three months ago at the time of writing.

So there you have it – I was quite happy to let sleeping dogs lie. Whelan, though, had other ideas.

Exhibit B

The was eventually removed by WordPress for braking their rules.


Since then her ‘friends’ have continued to use the material posted there on Google+ thus proving she is them, and they are her – you have only to refresh yourself with the Rochelle Moore posts here to see the pattern.

Note, that in the SC, I am filing yet another DCMA and defamation complaint about Whelan publishing my personal details – something which she is still doing on Google+ via her fake accounts. But that’s for another time.

Exhibit C

Whelan is known for her little habit of identity theft. It’s one of her patterns, seen across the years. She creates accounts in the name of others – as can be seen in this blog as well as on the Bustin’ Chops blog that Sengha wrote – not me – it’s clear to see the difference in writing style when a comparison is made.

One of the most hilarious events during that period was when Moore (Whelan using her pen-name of the time) went to the US on ‘tour’ – she posted ‘photo’s’ of her trip, including one of her ‘friend’ (who was also Whelan) dancing… it transpired the ‘photo’ was a still shot from a film.

Yes, a still shot from a film.

I kid you not.

Let that sink in for a while….

Here’s the proof ->


poppy uses movie still as pic.jpg
Enter a caption
Image source:

Read the whole episode, including how Whelan, as Moore ‘killed’ off one of her fake accounts and how *that* backfired on her, here.

To conclude: I ask you, dear reader to look over the claims made against me, and to read and digest the evidence I have given in answer.

As usual, I will leave you to make your own mind about who is telling the truth here – who has the moral high ground, and indeed who is stalking who.

The evidence is out there for all to see.

If you can be bothered – frankly, I’ve seen it all before – it’s like water off a ducks back.

But I do, reserve my right to reply.

I shall, and I will.



She will try to harass others in the future, as she has done in the past, when they catch her out and speak the truth she so venously hates.

And then…

The evidence will speak for itself.



5 thoughts on “Stalking and Harassment 2016 – II: the truth.

  1. hi lesley as i have said to you there in nothing in the world that would make me remove this bullcrap
    and as i asked you one question PROVE IT! you can’t it NEVER HAPPENED

    bye sweetie and mind the fantasy its getting out of control – amusing but your nuts!

    1. Siobhan Moore Whelan said:

      “hi lesley as i have said to you there in nothing in the world that would make me remove this bullcrap
      and as i asked you one question PROVE IT! you can’t it NEVER HAPPENED

      bye sweetie and mind the fantasy its getting out of control – amusing but your nuts!”

      So you are admitting what you ‘write’ is “bullcrap”? On that we do agree, at least. Nothing you ‘write’ makes sense, let alone shows positive proof. At the most, what you do cobble together is incoherent.

      You use ‘pen-names’ to write this self professed “bullcrap” – here is just one example. I can show many, many, more – it’s easy to ‘hear’ you, y’see… anyone can identify you. And they do, constantly.

      This persona of your’s, “klutz finder”. Clearly it’s you. Any fool can see that. Uses the same links and method of attack and harassment as all your other personas. You do this, sadly, to make it look like you have support – just as you did with Rochelle Moore, and Lady Raven Avalon. We outed you on that – the proof is scattered across the internet like leave in the autumn… so when you ask me to prove it, I assume you’ve not seen the proof out there? Let me show you – you were, are Lady Raven Avalon – you are a fraud; a fake; a person who has not one shred of decency, who believes their own lies, and sadly, thinks they can fool everyone…..

      Here’s news for you – you can’t. Those who call you out, pay the price of you stalking and harassing them – you never stop. It’s like an addiction to you.

      rochelle moore is lady raven avalon – Google Search <- brings up all the proof needed. Every post ever written, all contain links, Screen Caps and other irrefutable evidence of every account.

      Here’s a list of proven accounts of your’s – there many be others too:

      Keep denying it Siobhan, it makes you look like the fool you are.

  2. Obviously, along with other impairments, you also can’t read. It’s all here honey, the internet never forgets. Read it and weep.

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