Once in an astrologer…

There is nothing quite as powerful as a full moon in the spring time – no matter if you draw her down, or use her to power your spells, or simply bathe in her sliver glow… at the hight of her power she is a beautiful thing.

The ancient Druids, apparently used the quarter phases as well, as those points of power – it’s known that the Druids used to cut the mistletoe on the first quarter moon before the Midwinter Solstice.

The Dark of the Moon, or New Moon, has long been sacred to Hekate, Goddess of the Witches, and partial to those liminal points in life.

To really power her up, finding which sign she shines in will give a huge boost to what ever you are doing at the time. A good Moon Diary will suffice, but to understand the thing, finding a good astrologer who provides inspirational material, is also be a beautiful thing – wading through the many sites, until one meshes with you, can be a trail in it’s self. But as with all things of the Arte, the sacrifice is well worth it.

You may correctly gather, I have found such a person.

He speaks true.

I offer him up here for your perusal.



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