A Warning.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.37.28.png

I’m not really sure what to say about the above – because after months, and months of online abuse – mainly on G+, this is confirmation of what we suspected. She is mentally unstable and I would go as far as to say, she is Hag Ridden.

The signs are evident.

But that aside, I feel for the family – as a Mother, I am horrified she could use her son like that – I am saddened at the hopeless situation for everyone – help can only be sought in such circumstances, not given.

Hopefully, this will jog Siobhan Moore Whelan into getting the help she so obviously needs – help that I and my fellows, all of us her victims – saw clearly in October 2016, when the attacks on us began.

Her mental health is not stable.

Other addictions also raise their ugly heads.

If you are reading this, and know of her, or know her, please, encourage her to seek help – but beware if you do, she will turn on a sixpence, and abuse you, as she has abused us.

If anyone needs to be removed from the internet, it’s Siobhan Moore Whelan; for the publics safety, as well as her own. But I suspect she will create some elaborate excuse to explain her departure; such as an illness, or death in the family, an accident or some other event, created to milk as much sympathy as she can.

Does that sound crass?

It only does if you do not realise this is her pattern. Those of us who have seen it before, expect nothing less.


Be warned – this woman is dangerously unstable.


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