The Welsh Occult Conference 2018.

Speed Montgomery insert

I do love a good conference. Well, lets face it, who doesn’t! Now Wales has it’s very own coming up this summer.

June 2nd 2018 will see the occult world converge on the town hall of Montgomery, in Powys!

The event comes from the same stable of the Ludlow Occult Conference. Knowing how well received these pasts events were, I have no doubt that this will be the first of many!


The speakers are:

Jake Stratton Kent on The Greek Magical Papyri.

JSK needs no introduction really, he’s written many books on the art magical, and is held in high esteem by many with in the Occult world – his talks are always informative as well as entertaining.

Sian Humphries on Hekate.

Sian is perhaps best know through the works of the South Wales coven, Dragon Oak and can often be found offering up workshops, both online, and in her area. She is a regular contributor to the Glastonbury Occult Conference as well.

Mrs Midian on The Sacred Landscape.

Mrs Midian needs no introduction either; she is the other half of Midian Books, besides other things. Her workshops on creating magical objects from the land are always well attended; catch one if you can!

G.StM. Nottingham on Working with the Solomonic Grimoires.

Again, Mr Nottingham needs no introduction – Occult author, Alchemist, and perennial student of the Western Magical Traditions – a rare speaker who draws on his extensive knowledge at the drop of a hat!

Tracy Thursfield on The Magical History of the Pentagram.

Another student of the Western Magical Tradition, Tracy is also a most entertaining speaker and I for one, am looking forward to her talk, as indeed I am to all of them.


Besides the talks, the ground floor will be taken up by a variety of stalls. If the Ludlow conference is anything to go by, these stalls will be full of high quality occult books and artefacts.

It’s going to be a wonderful day, and I am sure, many will make it a whole weekend.

The little town of Montgomery has a wonderful Castle which over looks the town – a place to explore perhaps, and watch the sun go down over the soft rolling Welsh hills.

Such events as this provide a rare opportunity to socialise with friends from all over the country, and I for one am looking forward to it immensely.

Perhaps see you there?


For anyone interested tickets cost just £12 and can be purchased from the organisers Facebook page >here<

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