A little about me.




I was born into a family of farmers, and bought up in a rural part of the Welsh Marches: my formative years where spent on my Grandparents farm in the mid ’50’s to early 60’s. My Mother’s family I’ve traced back to 1598! In fact they’ve moved very little in all that time, and still farm in the area that they moved to in the early 1700’s. 

Believe me – it was a magical childhood!

My late Grandfather saw to it that I was schooled in certain country ways before he retired. I was taught the simple things, that now seem second nature to me; how to tell the time from the sun; the compass points from the sun and the green and growing and basically to revere nature – Mother Nature. He taught me about the Four Winds, the Three Fates, and those that have gorn on before us and much much more.

In short, he schooled me in the Old Ways.

My research, in fact my search, for what it was he taught me, has been a long and is an on going path, which has lead me through many different twists and turns – all very enjoyable, I must say, but  very Crooked Path indeed!

Some of you have requested I tell my story of these far off days, so I am gathering my whits and putting down on paper (so to speak!) the memories, which you can find under the category My Story as well as some under Memories.

I wish to thank my dear friend The Chattering Magpie for gently nudging me in this direction with his subtle (not 😉 ) hints.

Later life.

I’ve always lived up and down the Welsh/English border, known as the Welsh Marches ->

A map of the Welsh Marches
Image via Wikipedia

It truly is a magical place, a no-mans land, where you’re either Welsh or English (but never both) at the drop of a hat! It’s well known that the people of this area were Lorded over by the Marcher Lords; hedging your bets became a way of life, and has seamlessly integrated into many ways; typical behaviour is to sit on the fence and see how the thing is going, and when it looks like one side is greener than the other, then that’s the side to jump down on 😉

In the early 1970’s I spent six months or so in the Isle of Man – now thats an interesting place to live! I also spent some time up in Orkney, and am very fond of those wide open spaces, where the land is full of archaeology – recently I visited Cornwall for the first time, and was very impressed with the lay of the land there – I love to travel when time and money allow it.


I craft – I love to draw and paint – a keen photographer and writer; I love to create 🙂 for friends and clients of the magical ilk.

And I spin – did I mention that! By hand with a drop spindle ~ I highly recommend it for magical folk! 🙂 More recently, I’ve upgraded to a spinning wheel, and how a loom too – as well as knit and crochet 🙂

The Blog.

My blog is about me; the things I like and the things I don’t; the things I do and the things I don’t and all that comes in between! 🙂


Recently, a number of people have noticed a book called ‘Thoth’ and assumed it was written by me; sadly this is not so, I am not the author of said book, even though the name is the same! 
Please remember – I am a Magical practitioner writing about my experiences – any and all advice I give is just that, *given* – it is up to you Dear Reader to take it or not and I hold no responsibility for any results (or lack of them too) this may bring.

Every thing is copyrighted to me; none of my words or pictures may be reproduced with out my permission, but links are very welcome so please feel free.

© Cymraes 2008-17.

12 thoughts on “A little about me.

  1. My name is Jennifer Wright and I run PaganPages EMagazine at http://www.paganpages.org. We are a free to the community magazine that has been publishing on line for several years now and have a fairly large fan base.

    While surfing the net I came across your blog and I think you would be a wonderful columnist and addition to our family. If this is something you may be interested in, please, write me at jenniferwright@paganpages.org

    Much Love,
    Jennifer Wright

  2. I have been woefully neglectful…this is the first time I’ve read this section of your blog.

    It sounds as though you had a wonderful childhood! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words Barry – I hope your Path eases; we do have to walk the Crooked Path, and sometimes it’s a steep incline too – all of life waxes and wanes it’s how we accept the ebbs and tides of life that counts I think…


    1. It’s a pleasure – your Norns are just stunning… 🙂 and you grind your own ink! Impressive… mine always turns out…. wrong! lol So it’s a pleasure to meet you, so to speak, in this un-reality that has become an alternative reality uniting so many of us, world wide 🙂

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