Art as a process of therapy within a magical frame work.

Aims To illustrate the process of art work as therapy within a magical frame work, using symbols, emotions and occult sigils. Combining the mundane within the magical. Exploring the emotions via the creative process. To remove an unproductive learnt behaviour, enforced by significant others and perpetuated by self doubt. Considerations. Waning moon phase; banishing. The [...]


Flex those creative muscles; it’s Bliss…!

Inspiration comes in many forms; recently I joined an online 'class' for just that... Bliss is Isabelle Gaborit's 'baby'... an online (free) course, that looks to exercise those creative muscles we all have - the ethos is... we can all be creative; yes... each one of us... and the more we flex those creative muscles the more skilled we become... Lets [...]