Dream: Midnight of Sunday, 29/4/2013 Waning Moon.

I don't often blog about my dreams - somethings are just not up for public consumption, plus it can become boring for you Dear Reader, reading about the weird things that go on in my dreamscape! 😉 So why am I bloging about this one? What makes this so special? Easy - it comes after … Continue reading Dream: Midnight of Sunday, 29/4/2013 Waning Moon.


Retail Heaven collapses.

She twisted around on her feet, first this way and then that, "This is Pride Hill!" she exclaimed in surprise and confusion! There was no doubt, there where the seats and the shops, Butchers Row behind her, the market clock towards the bottom of the hill and Barclays Bank to the top - beyond that Marks & … Continue reading Retail Heaven collapses.