Llangar Church: Garw-Wen.

  I was there, watching, the day the men raised the first stone. Dismayed, I turned away - I heard Tum-Tup, same as you, mutter under his breath, so was it any wonder what happened, happened. We were there that second morning too, watching the disbelief on their faces. Did you see Tum-Tups face? ┬áThe, [...]


Shopping with Shh… you-know-who!

In the sleepy land of Avalon, when the mists lie on the slumbering land, three witches meet in that liminal place, where the mundane and the magical marry so well. Under the dark of night, their minds on cursing, they gather to discuss one who, with her mad drunken rages, abusive bullying and crazy stalking, [...]


The lid of the jar refused to budge! No matter what she did, it refused to unscrew! In desperation, she went to the knife draw, and like some screaming banshee, possessed by Candy, channeling her dead lover Jack, she stabbed and stabbed and stabbed that lid shouting the name of her enemies, until with a [...]