Once in an astrologer…

There is nothing quite as powerful as a full moon in the spring time - no matter if you draw her down, or use her to power your spells, or simply bathe in her sliver glow... at the hight of her power she is a beautiful thing. The ancient Druids, apparently used the quarter phases … Continue reading Once in an astrologer…


Hidden in plain sight!

"Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!" Annon. I have found that often, certain things are hidden in plain sight, as if the folk of yesteryear, left clues for us to follow. The Green Man often graces many a church. Even the owl, a classical symbol of wisdom the ancients was still used. Could … Continue reading Hidden in plain sight!

A Midwinter Ritual.

It might sound a simple thing to do, but this observation has existed since ancient times. Choose that which you wish to do, you may of course, wish to watch sunrise and sunset over several days. Though I speak of the dawn, some things will also apply to the sunset. To rise before dawn to … Continue reading A Midwinter Ritual.