It’s the little things that count.

The way to a man's heart, lies in his stomach"  Old wives tale. There's so very often more than a grain of truth in some old wives tales! The witches.... sorry, women in my family learn this one at a very early age, around about the time they first learn to cook... To cook from [...]


The Brew!

No doubt every Witch has his or her favourite potions to brew, and with the advent of Midsummer, most herbs are ready to harvest a plenty! But - a quick rant if you will... I'll jump straight to the chase here ~ the availability of so called 'flying ointments' online is quite alarming at times. So [...]

Kitchen’ Witchin’: Herb Salts for the table.

With the turning of the moon this month, my attention turned to the herbs coming up to flower in the garden. As a plant puts all of it's energy into it's flowers, the best time to harvest is just as the first buds are about to burst. So on a sunny day, within the correct [...]