The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

The weekend of the much anticipated Welsh Occult Conference began with an A-typical Mercurial trick or two, as the joker God tried his hardest to keep us from attending - but the Companee of the Green Man and Mother Nature are made of stern stuff, and we endured. All be it our plans for the … Continue reading The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

The Welsh Occult Conference 2018.

I do love a good conference. Well, lets face it, who doesn't! Now Wales has it's very own coming up this summer. June 2nd 2018 will see the occult world converge on the town hall of Montgomery, in Powys! The event comes from the same stable of the Ludlow Occult Conference. Knowing how well received … Continue reading The Welsh Occult Conference 2018.

All Hail Hekate!

Tonight is the penultimate night of the full moon of May - a night which is sacred to Hekate, Goddess of the Crossroads. On this night, devotees across the world gather together to pay Her homage through the rite concived and written by Sorita D'Este;  Her Sacred Fires. The veil is shimmering with anticipation...