All Hail Hekate!

Tonight is the penultimate night of the full moon of May - a night which is sacred to Hekate, Goddess of the Crossroads. On this night, devotees across the world gather together to pay Her homage through the rite concived and written by Sorita D'Este;  Her Sacred Fires. The veil is shimmering with anticipation...


The Grimoire Gathering 2010

I climbed into the car and high tailed it down to the wonderful village of Clun, from my home in north Powys early last Saturday. The drive down is always an enjoyable one, as the land of the north Shropshire/Powys border, so masculine in its form, gradually becomes more and more feminine. The tiny village [...]

Grimoire Gathering 2010

We sally forth from all four corners and beyond, to the Shires of Tolkens mind, to a place of beauty and grace, that nestles in the Mothers deep embrace. Come yea to Clun, most wonderful place under the sun, therefore to gather and listen to the wise who speak on those who we would be, [...]