The Internet never forgets! Really, it doesn’t!

It came to my attention certain material had been removed; a link I had provided in a recent post had ceased to work - taking with it the evidence needed to support certain claims. These claims, were that as Rochelle Moore, Siobhan Moore Whelan had never used MySpace. This in a vain attempt to obfuscate [...]


Pagans Against Plagiarism; a potted history.

International gathering of pagan authors, artists and supporting members dedicated to stamping out copyright theft and plagiarism within the Pagan community at large, through education and frank discussion. In this note, I shall be writing about the founding of this group, the history of how the founding members came together, it’s aims and achievements. I [...]

A web of lies.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.” ― Walter Scott, Marmion A curious thing this complaint - at first it resulted in a rebuttal, but soon the name on the account that gave it, changed, but the name of the person was clear as she had signed it, as you can [...]