Stalking and Harassment 2016 – IV: an exposé

"Undoubtedly there are, in connection with each of these things, cases of fraud, swindling, and other financial crimes; that is to say, the greed and selfishness of men are perpetual." ~William Graham Sumner~ "exposé ~ noun 1.a public exposure or revelation, as of something discreditable: Certain cheap magazines make a fortune out of sensational exposés." [...]

Stalking and Harassment 2016 – III: The Daily Cackle.

I am reminded, that in this thing, I am not alone - other's have suffered under the evil eye of this woman too. As evidence of this, I give to the world, SCs from the Daily Cackle page, which at the time of writing was still 'live' published to the public view on Facebook  It [...]

Stalking and Harassment 2016 – II: the truth.

Here we are again, dear reader, having once more to point out the truth of the matter. Accused once again, of something that did not happen - here I present some SCs which I wish to address. Once again, I am exercising my right to reply as Whelan denies me the opportunity to do so [...]